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Jonathan Rochelle, Director, Product Management

November 07, 2018

Jonathan Rochelle

Active Learning, Data-Informed Decisions and Security Headline Educause

..... Millions of data points were analyzed and summarized in real time on a dashboard. Jonathan Rochelle, product manager for Google Education, said the exhibit illustrated the power of data analytics. “If we can capture and process that much information in 60 seconds of a hoops game, imagine what we could do in a semester of learning—in the lecture hall, the research lab, the administrative and admissions office......

November 02, 2018

Jonathan Rochelle

Teachers in the US love Google's education products, but are suspicious. Why is a megacorporation giving them a perfect tool for...

..... Google has created teaching courses and certifications, engages in educator outreach nationwide, and creates tools like a closed-captioning function for students giving presentations on Google Slides. “You could argue that part of it is philanthropic,” Jonathan Rochelle, a product management director for G Suite for Education, told Business Insider. “But for us, having educators and students experience our products is important......