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Eileen Naughton, VP, People Operations

March 16, 2018

Eileen Naughton

Google Says It Spent Over £193,000 to Close Wage Gaps

..... In July, the judge overseeing the case limited the amount of employee data the Labor Department can request from Google. “We were taken aback by this assertion, which came without any supporting data or methodology,” Google’s vice president of people operations Eileen Naughton responded at the time. Google is also facing a class action lawsuit brought by former employees who say that the company routinely underpaid women. .....

March 12, 2018

Eileen Naughton
Sundar Pichai

Diversity Rifts Inside Google Bring Clash Of Lawsuits

..... Damore said he began to question Google's diversity policies at a weekly company meeting last March. At the meeting, Ruth Porat, the chief financial officer of Google's parent company, Alphabet, and Eileen Naughton, Google's vice president of people operations, ''pointed out and shamed'' departments in which women accounted for less than half the staff, according to Mr. Damore's lawsuit. .....