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Benjamin Treynor Sloss, VP, Engineering

June 07, 2019

Benjamin Treynor Sloss

The Catch-22 That Broke The Internet

..... Google has automated systems in place to ensure that when it starts sinking, the lifeboats fill up in a specific order. “The network became congested, and our networking systems correctly triaged the traffic overload and dropped larger, less latency-sensitive traffic in order to preserve smaller latency-sensitive traffic flows,” wrote Google vice president of engineering Benjamin Treynor Sloss in an incident debrief , “much as urgent packages may be couriered by bicycle through even the worst traffic jam.” See? .....

June 04, 2019

Benjamin Treynor Sloss

Google says wrongly applied configuration change caused outage

The outage that Google experienced on Monday AEST was caused by a configuration change that was pushed out to more servers than intended, the company says in a blog post. Engineering vice-president Benjamin Sloss wrote on Tuesday US time that the configuration change was meant to be pushed out to a small number of servers in a single region, but was incorrectly sent to a larger number across several neighbouring regions. This caused those regions to to stop using more than half of their available network capacity. .....