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Company conspirators (co-founders/investors):

Doug Berg
John Doyle
Paul Hanson

GroTech Ventures
Origin Ventures
Chicago Ventures
Doug Berg
and 20+ other angel investors ($12M in venture financing to date)

2-sentence company description:

MyAlerts is an intelligent alerting platform that drives 5x to 10x higher user engagement by allowing users to set up personalized alerts for any part of their site. This drives 100% relevant alerts for users who get to design their own marketing and alerts on sites.

Who can't live without your product/service?

Any site that has a high level of change events that happen on their site where users could potentially setup alerts on, including shopping sites, classified sites, travel sites, news sites, etc.

Greatest company accomplishment:

Helping major retailers capture billions in lost revenue from shoppers who used to leave their sites when finding out of stock products. Also, providing them with user-captured demand data that helps them do supply & demand planning they could only dream of.

What makes you guys sweat at night?

Making sure that we're able to send accurate alerts to our clients users at scale. We help drive the future engagement of our clients who depend on our alerting engine for their future revenue.

Biggest competitor(s)?

Mostly internal technology people who think they can build this themselves, so they burn months/years trying to do it, only to re-engage us to get it online in < 1 month.

How are you better?

By providing an instant-on, fully configurable alerting solution that has built-in best practices and solved all of the next-level issues any site will encounter when they try to offer event based alerting. Everything from the customer capture, to managing alerts, to how we gather the event data, perform matching, data quality, pre-send testing and throttling, and most importantly reporting and insights.

Most hated buzzword/phrase:

"Personalization and AI will surprise and delight customers" - to us, this might be possible, but only 5% to 10% of the time. Buyer Intelligence (BI) will beat out AI any day of the week.

If your company were to have to have a mascot, what would it be?

Probably a Pizza Delivery person - as they are always delivering exactly what you ordered :)