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Company conspirators (co-founders/investors):

Kristi Zuhlke

Gaspar Global Group
Listen Ventures, and others

2-sentence company description:

Software designed to activate a companies consumer research and data through an organization.

Who can't live without your product/service?

Market Research and Insights functions.

Why can't they live without you?

They spend millions of dollars on market research and without KnowledgeHoundn their research assets would have much less impact on their business. They have to have us to maximize their influence throughout an organization and get to consumer-centric, business decisions faster.

Greatest company accomplishment:

Raised $4 million in funding.

What makes you guys sweat at night?

Hiring the right talent.

Biggest competitor(s)?

The IT team who wants to build an internal solution at a large company.

How are you better?

Since we only focus on solving this one problem and we are experts, we can bring the best innovation at a lower cost.

Most hated buzzword/phrase:

Artificial Intelligence. It sounds so fancy but people who don't understand technology don't really know how much it is still being explored and early in its development.

If your company were to have to have a mascot, what would it be?

We have one. Her name is Sammy and she is a black Labrador with the title of Director of Happiness.