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Company conspirators (co-founders/investors):

Daavid Kahn

Key investors:
All our customers who have helped us grow without funding!

2-sentence company description:

Instapanel is a mashup of focus groups and online surveys that collects video responses to discover consumer insights for ad agencies and brands in as little as 24 hours.

Who can't live without your product/service?

Agencies who need to quickly become experts on their client's customers.

Why can't they live without you?

We help agencies win new clients and deliver better creative.

Greatest company accomplishment:

Recruiting 55+ year-old RV owners for a study, and they were all able to figure out how use our web app.

What makes you guys sweat at night?

The robot apocalypse

Biggest competitor(s)?

dscout, Vidlet, Plotto, GutCheckIt

How are you better?

We recruit fresh audiences on demand using highly targeted social media ads. Our platform is web-based so there's no app to install, which makes it easy for high quality panelists to participate. Our research is better because our panelists are better.

Most hated buzzword/phrase:

AI - it's a meaningless term that evaporates under scrutiny.

If your company were to have to have a mascot, what would it be?

An anthropomorphized confession booth(?)