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Company conspirators (co-founders/investors):

Dan Sullivan - Founder
Scott Segel - Co-founder

Investors include:
New York Angels
Jay Levy
Techstars and a handful of other strategic independent investors.

2-sentence company description:

Crowdly's Advocate Marketing Platform is the only platform for big brands who need authentic customer advocacy at scale. Crowdly also offers its newly launched Clinks, a simple link shortener that gets you highly-qualified retargeting audiences and the ability to capture email opt-ins from traffic you send to third party sites.

Who can't live without your product/service?

Big brands who care about word-of-mouth from their best, most authentic customer advocates. Brands that send traffic to third-party sites like Amazon, influencer-hosted content, curated content across social channels, links that go to Youtube, and more.

Why can't they live without you?

Because advocacy only works when it's authentic, and we're the only ones who connect you with your own authentic people. Because without Clinks, website retargeting and email capture are limited to your own website. Clinks give you all that capability to third-party traffic as well.

Greatest company accomplishment:

Building something useful that is simple enough to use well. Solving real problems around word-of-mouth marketing and advertising for the biggest brands in the world.

What makes you guys sweat at night?

Moving too slowly. Keeping our focus on what's essential and not what's merely interesting. Wool Snuggies.

Biggest competitor(s)?

There are plenty of well-funded and recently acquired giant swiss army knives in the influencer space that do a little bit of everything.

How are you better?

We're not a swiss army knife, we're a brilliant can opener, purpose-built for generating authentic word-of-mouth at scale. When you want to open a can, you don't want a swiss army knife.

Most hated buzzword/phrase:

"Influencer database" The idea that there's a rentable group of people (owned by a third party) who will be influential about anything they're given free samples of. Getting people who don't care about your brand to say things they don't mean to people they don't know doesn't work, even if it'll trick a vanity metric.

If your company were to have to have a mascot, what would it be?

The Fighting Can Openers!