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Company conspirators (co-founders/investors):

Moti Cohen
Dani Zadok

WiX Founders
Wellborn ventures

2-sentence company description:

Apester is a platform for creation, distribution and monetizing of experiantial, interactive content, that helps publishers attend to the challenges of a shifting paradigm in digital publishing industry - to the "single unit economy"

Who can't live without your product/service?

Any digital publisher that want to make their users engage more, stay longer, read more, share more, increase social engagement and reach, by adding an experiantial and interactive layers to their content

Why can't they live without you?

Because the paradigm on digital publishing is shifting to a point where publishers must be able to serve their content, with the revenue and data it generates, anywhere - and it's a big change that as an industry, it's harder to make. 3rd party tools that are geared for solving those problems are becoming essential

Greatest company accomplishment:

Powered Time Person of The Year, gathered more than a billion engagements, predicted Brexit and Trump, knew that The Dress was actually blue and black

What makes you guys sweat at night?

NY summer, with the AC broken? Seriously speaking, the fact that our space is super attractive (which is good and adds pressure), and how some publishers are still hanging onto old habits

Biggest competitor(s)?

Any 3rd party vendor who competes for (a) the publisher's attention in the meeting room and (b) the user's attention on the page

How are you better?

Our vision for how and when and where we can help publishers thrive while also tapping into a need from the user's side is always a step and a half before most of our competitors and the space in general. We manifast it with a great UX and design, awesome service and premium performance.

Most hated buzzword/phrase:

Playful, meaningful, snakable. When it comes to storytelling (another buzzword), people are throwing those out there without really understading what it means and how they are affecting the space

If your company were to have to have a mascot, what would it be?

An APE, obviously! :)