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MediaCom REDBOOKS Profile

MediaCom is one of the world's leading media agencies. They plan and buy media for their clients around the world. Their people first philosophy makes them different from other media agencies. The agency focuses on consumers, clients and staff. The agency handles the media planning and buying for some of the world's smartest advertisers.

Address: 498 7th Ave, New York, NY 10018
Tel: (212) 912-4200
Fax: (212) 912-4719
General Email:





5,001 - 10,000


$1 billion +


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Tel: (212) 912-4200

Stephen Allan Chairman & CEO
Anush Prabhu Managing Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, USA
Ronald Mendez Managing Partner & Head, Multicultural
Jeff Semones Managing Partner & Head, Social Media
Amanda Lombardi Managing Partner & Account Director
Jeff Hinz Managing Partner & Director, Digital, US
Pamela Valenti Managing Partner & Director, Media Investment
Tamara Alesi Managing Partner, Integrated Planning Strategy
Kristin Weaver Goodloe Managing Partner
Andrea McAteer Managing Partner
Mick Mernagh Managing Partner
Andrew Pappalardo Managing Partner, Broadcast Implementation, National
Seow Leng Porter Managing Partner
Larry Swyer Managing Partner
Marc Wallen Managing Partner
Stephanie Rosenhaus Partner, VP & Grp Dir-Print Media
Angelina Chung Partner & Head, Digital
Kevin Arsham Partner, Group Director & Specialist, B2B
Chris D'Onofrio Partner & Group Director, Search Social
Derek McKenzie Partner & Group Director, Search & Social
Geoffrey Campbell Partner & Senior Director, Content
Nicole Vanderhurst Partner & Account Director
Lauren Amster Partner & Director
Fernando Cadena Partner & Director, Communications Planning
Valerie Comparetto Partner & Director, Social Practice
Adriana Papulino Farley Partner & Director, Media Planning
Maggie Hilliard Partner & Director, Global Strategy
Rachel Lippman Partner & Director, Digital Media
Rachel Nowick Partner & Director, Communications Planning
Andre Rivera Partner & Director, Communications Planning
Mitali Shah Partner & Director, Digital Analytics
Scott Accardo Partner & Associate Director, Media Investment
Rodolfo Sandoval Partner, Digital Media
Peejay Schmitt Partner & Associate Media Director
Alec Tallman Partner-Analytics & Bus Science
Gabriel Misarti Managing Director & Account Director, Global
Simon Tray Chief Financial Officer
Toby Jenner COO, Worldwide
Stephanie Fierman Chief Marketing Officer
Jon Gittings Chief Strategy Officer, Americas
Steve Carbone Chief Digital Officer & Managing Director, Digital & Analytics, North America
Tom Cijffers Chief Client Officer, USA
Adam Potashnick Chief Growth Officer
Fraser Riddell Chief Client Officer
Jeremy Griffiths Officer, Business Science, Global
Sasha Savic CEO, US
Stephanie Gay Senior Partner, VP & Group Director, Digital, Global
Whitney Arnold Group Head, Account
Allison Bohm-Malmad Senior Partner & Group Director, Digital Investment
Alma Molato Group Director, Digital
Justin Sorrentino Group Director, SEM, SEO & Social Media
Tom Kuhn Senior Partner & Regional Director
Bill Bayer Senior Partner & Group Account Director
Matthew Gunther Senior Partner & Group Account Director
Michelle Leonardo Senior Partner & Group Account Director
Neal Lucey Senior Partner & Group Account Director
Elena Pavloff Senior Partner & Group Account Director
Denis Philipps Senior Partner & Group Account Director
Sean Williamson Senior Partner & Group Account Director
Jeanne Descour Senior Partner & Account Director, International
Stefanie Flaum Media Director
Wes Meador Senior Partner & Account Director
Delia O'Grady Media Director, Digital Investment
Rebecca Piedra Media Director
Rebecca Piedra-Martinez Media Director
Beverly Rivera Account Director
Rosemarie Sanchez Account Director
Janel Shervington Media Director
Kim Abend Senior Partner & Director, Communications Planning
Jon Ames Director, Digital Media
Nakia Clements Senior Partner & Director, Strategy
Kyong Coleman Senior Partner & Director, Strategy, Global
Beth Crane Senior Partner & Director, Strategy
Nicoletta D'Elia-Napoli Senior Partner & Director, Media Operations
Jasmine Dawson Director, Digital Media & Strategy
Christopher Flexner Director, Analytics
Paul Greenhalgh Director, Commercial, Global
Jocelyn Hazlett Senior Partner & Director, Strategy
Brenna Kolomer Senior Partner & Director, Employee Engagement
Kathryn Kretchmer Senior Partner & Director
Jamie Luckey Director, Digital Media
Mark Nester Senior Partner & Director, Digital Media
Georgios Polyzois Director, Digital
Elisabeth Riedl Director, Strategy
Charles Singer Director, Strategy
Ashwathy Sreenivasan Dir-Social-Team Dell
Robert Swartz Director, Strategy
Chelsea Whitaker Director, Search & Social
Lauren Wormser Director, Communications Planning
Lisa Bernstein Associate Director, Portfolio
Niall Buckley Associate Director
Alyssa Callahan Associate Director, Planning
Carlos Cervantes Associate Director
Denysha Davis Associate Director, Media & Digital Investment
Lance Demonteiro Associate Director, Digital Investment
Rob Dickens Associate Director, Strategy, Global
Christine Fernandez Associate Director, Integrated
Nicole Francesco Associate Director, Integrated Media Planning
Stephanie Gaynor Associate Director, Paid Social & Search
Sam Geer Associate Director
Allison Goodman Associate Director, Integrated Media
Jerry Joseph Associate Director, Planning
Larisa Kluchman Assoc Dir-Social Insights & Analytics
Kasey Michels Associate Director
Theresa Myrill Associate Director
Aditi Patel Associate Director, Analytics
Kendra Richardson Associate Director, Digital Investment
Jackie Sedotto Associate Director, Video Investment
Trish Wang Associate Director, Integrated Media
Connie Cassiday Regional Manager, Field
Maya Bhat Senior Manager, Analytics
Sam Fox Senior Manager, Analytics
Alyssa Hurley Senior Manager, Advertising & Promotions
Vitoria Schilling Senior Manager, Insights & Analytics
Courtney Barker Account Manager
Victoria Adrian Project Manager, Global Data Solutions
Victoria Adrian Creamer Project Mgr-Data Solutions-Global
Aurora Avdalli Manager, Media Operations
Brandon Carril Manager, Search & Social
Ryan Garnier Manager, Digital Analytics
Uzair Haque Manager, Digital Analytics
Chin Jong Manager, Analytics
Dawn Kim Manager, Digital Analytics
Lina Lam Manager, Paid Social
Xavier Levenfiche Manager, Digital Insights & Analytics
Samara Nelson Manager, Search & Social
Samantha Romano Mgr-Program Strategy
Zarinah Scott Manager, Paid Search & Social
Briana Speiss Manager, Search & Social
Glenn Stone Manager, Search & Social
Pamela Honores Associate Manager, Social Media
Stephanie Litsas Supervisor, Planning & Planner, Communications
Patricia Alon Supervisor, Digital Media
Chanel Ballard Supervisor, Digital Media
Max Barkley Supervisor, Media
Johanna Branagan Supervisor, Digital Media
Kristen Brito Supervisor, Media Planning
Olivia Chanyungco Supervisor, Media
Rachel Deputato Supervisor, Integrated Media
Caitlyn Donahue Supervisor, Media
Jack Drillich Supervisor, Digital Media
Nicole Fedinets Supervisor, Media
Julie Greico Supervisor, Network
Matthew Hamilton Supervisor, Digital Media
Michelle Jagla Supervisor, Media
Gabriele Keizer Supervisor, Digital Media
Sarah Landis Supervisor, Integrated Media
Ted Lowenfels Supervisor, Digital Investment
Alannah Pawlik Supervisor, Media
Anthony Rocker Supervisor, Communications Planning
Jessica Sardo Supervisor, Communications Planning
Tim Stuchbury Supervisor, Digital Media
Caterina Toscano Supervisor, Communications Planning
Mariya Webb Supervisor, Digital Media
Maeghan Willis Supervisor, Digital Media
Alexandra De Feo Senior Planner, Communications
Rachel Gropper Senior Planner, Integrated Media
Cinque Lipscomb Specialist-Digital Ops
William Soto Senior Planner, Digital Media
Gabrielle Wamboldt Senior Planner, Digital Media
Adam D'Orazio Senior Analyst, Digital Analytics
Dov Haims Senior Analyst, Insights & Analytics
Elizabeth Luna Senior Analyst, Digital
Diana Luo Senior Analyst, Insights & Analytics
Deborah Segal Senior Analyst, Digital, Insights & Analytics
Ryan Sheridan Senior Analyst, Digital Analytics
Kevin Vuong Senior Analyst, Digital Analytics
Stephen Ahn Planner, Communications
Allyson Arboleda Media Planner
Brittany Barbanera Media Planner, Integrated
Betsy Bender Media Planner, Integrated
Candice Borgella Planner, Digital Media
Andie Boutelle Planner, Integrated Media, Dell Consumer & MPP
Ashley Branch Planner, Digital Media
Cari Brodsky Media Planner-Richemont
Monifa Brooks Media Planner
Nicole Carangelo Media Planner, Integrated
Christopher Casino Planner, Communications
Anamaria Bautista Castellanos Media Planner, Integrated
Richard Cebada Media Planner
Gordon Chen Media Buyer & Negotiator
Alicia Cohen Planner, Communications, Anheuser-Busch InBev
Katherine Conlin Planner-Integrated Media-Revlon North America
John B. Conte Planner, Communications
Etta Copenhagen Media Planner
Chelsea Curcio Planner, Digital Media
Sidney De Almo Media Planner
Taylor DiCicco Media Planner, Integrated
Jessica Dohman Media Planner, International
Alana Dolce Media Planner, Integrated
Anthony Domenick Planner, Communications
Charles Dowe Media Planner
Allison Ehrhart Media Planner
Sara Elsawy Planner, Digital Media
Daniel English Planner, Communications
Danielle Fluker Planner, Communications
David Grad Media Buyer
Jonathan Hincapie Media Planner, Integrated
Daniel Hsu Media Planner, Digital, Global
Carlos B. Jorge Analyst-Digital Campaign & Strategy
Sadie Kanner Media Planner
Michael Kobes Media Planner
Chelsea Laday Planner, Digital Media
Christine Larouere Media Planner, Integrated
Goeffrey Laurel Planner, Digital Media
Jamie Lauten Media Planner
Grace Ling Planner, Communications Media
Azad Maqsudi Media Planner, Dell Gaming
Hailey McCormack Media Planner, Integrated
Thang Nguyen Analyst, Digital Analytics
Megan O'Brien Planner, Digital Media
Bryce Okeiffe Analyst, Digital
Nicholas Omeltchenko Media Planner
Michelle Opdyke Media Buyer
George Papaioannou Analyst, Digital Analytics
Ryan Pappalardo Media Planner
Erin Pedrini Planner, Communications
Kaitlynn Pham Planner, Digital Media
Kimberly Phan Analyst, Social Media
Sue Qian Analyst, Digital
Sasia Regan-Hughes Planner, Digital Media
Emily Rizer Media Planner, Integrated
Meghan Salviejo Media Planner, Integrated
Geomar Sanchez Planner, Integrated Media, Direct General Insurance
Tiantian Shi Planner, Communications
Audrea Shim Planner, Digital Media
Peter Shim Planner, Communications
Danielle Stewart Planner, Integrated Communications, MARS, Wrigley
Shawn Stewart Planner, Communications
Brian Sullivan Media Buyer
Grieg Swanson Planner, Digital Media, Anheuser, Busch InBev
Daniel Tamsen Planner, Digital Media
Ivette Terrazas Media Planner
Mercedes Tucker Analyst, Digital
Alexandra Van Horn Planner, Digital Media
Josephina Volaric Planner, Digital Media
Laurie Wagner Media Planner
Yifan Wang Analyst, Analytics & Insights
Brad Weinstein Planner, Communications
Paola Wolf Media Planner
Sara Yoo Planner, Digital Media
Jialin Zhao Analyst, Digital
Alissa Chait Assistant Buyer
Justin Mendelson Assistant Planner, Digital
Samantha Almonte Asst-Digital Plng
Ryan Stephen Appel Assistant Media Buyer
Stefani Baron Assoc-Paid Search & Social
Fiona Benmayor Assoc-Search & Social
Amanda Brandell Assistant Media Planner
Darby Brandon Senior Associate, Paid Social
Skylar Braun Assistant Media Planner
Julia Brefere Sr Assoc-Search & Social
Lauren Bren Assistant Media Planner, Integrated
Megan Bridges Assistant Media Planner
Marshall Brockley Assistant Media Planner
Andres Carcamo Associate Media Director
Brielle Casar Asst-Digital Plng
Humaira Chowdhury Assoc-Paid Search & Social
Eisha Cifuentes Assistant Media Planner
Karianne Compagnone Associate Media Director, Dell EMC
Nikki Costello Asst-Digital Media Plng
Sean Costic Asst-Digital Plng
Nicole Curry Assistant Media Planner
Kerry De Lay Assistant Media Planner
Katherine DiNardo Assoc-Paid Social
Jackie Elliot Associate Media Director
Charlie Fiordalis Regional Managing Partner
Marquise Gallmon Assoc-Data Ops
Andrew Gelbard Associate Media Director
Andrew Giusto Associate Media Director
Taylor Gorruso Assistant Media Planner, Digital
Trixie Ferguson Gray Senior Partner, Content & Experiences, MediaCom Beyond Advertising
Nicole Guido Assistant Media Planner
Derek Hartman Associate Media Director, Integrated Planning
Sean Hechler Assistant Media Planner
Jaime Horowitz Buyer-Television-Natl
Anna Hughes Asst-Digital Plng
Isa Johnson Asst-Digital Plng
Jeremy Kaye Asst-Digital Media Plng
Mohit Keswani Asst-Digital Plng
Shannon Kortmann Assistant Media Planner
Stephanie Lackey Associate Media Director
Anna Lam Assistant Media Planner
Brian Langus Associate Media Director
Dowoo Lee Associate Media Director
Jenna Liu Assistant Media Planner
Lauri Lu Assoc-Digital Ops
Sarah MacDougall Assistant Media Planner
Jamaal Malone Associate Media Planner
Joseph Marcus Assoc-Search & Social-Shell
Jamie Martira Associate Media Director, Integrated
Colin Mauro Associate Media Director
Brenda McGlynn Assoc-Paid Search & Social
Kirsten Meloy Assistant Media Planner
Daniel Mendez Associate Account Director
Aubrey Minarik Asst-Digital Plng
Annette Moreno Asst-Digital Plng
Andrew Mulhern Associate Media Director
Rebecca Myers Assistant Media Planner
Christie Nannariello Sr Assoc-Search & Social
Cameron Nash Associate, Paid Social Media
Abby Norelli Assistant Media Planner
Meghan Nosal Assistant Media Planner
Kari Ogden Associate Media Director
Summer Ostler Assistant Media Planner
Alison Overholser Senior Media Buyer
Melissa Oviedo Assoc-Digital Ops
Kimberly Perez Asst-Digital Plng
Marissa Petrone Asst Media Planner-Revlon
Alexandra Pronovost Assistant Media Planner
Matthew Raymundo Assoc-Paid Search & Social
Elana Ross Assistant Media Planner
Jennifer Santos Associate Media Director
Graham Schiffman Assoc-Paid Social
Christina Schretzman Asst-Digital Plng
Jessica Schropfer Jr Buyer
Jennifer Seminara Assistant Media Planner
Benjamin Silverberg Associate Media Director, Mobile & Social
Max Sinelnikov Associate Media Director
Emerson Sosa Associate Media Director, Multicultural
Lily Stearns Asst-Digital Plng
Julia Sullivan Assistant Media Planner
Marc Tammen Associate Media Director
Lisa Tarantino Associate Media Director
Lauren Thermos Associate Media Director, Integrated, Strategy & Planning
Mark Thomas Associate Media Director
Holliston Seatree Tod Assistant Media Planner
Alejandro Torres Senior Regional Manager
Mariana Vasquez Asst-Digital Plng
Claire Wilcox Asst Media Planner-Anheuser-Busch InBev
Dana Youngentob Assistant Media Planner
Katie Zeikel Senior Associate, Paid Social


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(Media Planning & Buying)
Allergan, Inc.
(Allergan, Inc., Botox, Juvederm, Lap-Band, Latisse, Restasis)
Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America
American Airlines
(Global Media Agency)
American Eagle Outfitters
Anheuser-Busch InBev N.V./S.A.
Audi of America, Inc.
(Audi A6, Campaign: "Return to Snake River Canyon", Campaign: "Untitled Jersey City Project", Digital, Media, Social Content)
Bayer Consumer Care Division
(Aleve, Alka-Seltzer, Alka-Seltzer Plus, Bayer Aspirin, Bayer Consumer Care Division, Citracal, Coppertone, Dr. Sholl's, Flintstones Vitamins, Midol, One-A-Day 50 Plus Advantage Vitamins, One-A-Day Men's Formula Vitamins, One-A-Day Vitamins, Phillips)
Bombardier Recreatoinal Products
(North American Media Buying & Planning, Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo)
Bose Corporation
Brand USA
Canon USA, Inc.
(Canon USA, Inc., Eos, PowerShot)
Citizens Banking Corporation
(Citizens Banking Corporation, F&M Bank, Perfect Fit Checking)
Coldwell Banker
(Campaign: "Blue Carpet", Media Buying)
(NBCUniversal Non-U.S. Media)
Dell Inc.
(Alienware, Dell, Inc., Inspiron,
Direct General
(Creative, Media Planning & Buying)
(Media Planning & Buying)
Elizabeth Arden, Inc.
(Global Media)
GlaxoSmithKline plc
(Abreva, AquaFresh, Beano, Citrucel, Contac, FiberChoice, Flex, Geritol, Levitra, Massengill, Nicoderm, Nicorette, Novartis, Oscal, PoliGrip, Polident, Remifemin, Sensodyne, Sominex, Tums, Vivarin)
Lindt & Sprungli USA, Inc.
(Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, Lindor, Lindt & Sprungli USA, Inc.)
(BeneFit Cosmetics)
(Caramel M&M, Media Planning)
MetLife, Inc (2017)
(US Media)
Procter & Gamble
(Head & Shoulders Israel, Latin American & Caribbean Digital Agency)
PSA Group
(Global Media)
Revlon, Inc (Global Media Agency of Record)
(Global Advertising, Media Planning & Buying)
(Global Media Planning & Buying)
(Home Security)
Sargento Foods, Inc.
Shell Lubricants
(Black Magic, Gumout, Jiffy Lube, Pennzoil, Pennzoil Platinum Motor Oil, Pennzoil Ultra, Quaker State, Rain-X, Shell Lubricants, Slick 50)
Shell Oil
Siemens AG
(Global Media)
Sony Corporation of America
(Global Media, PlayStation)
Strayer University
Subway Restaurants
(Media Buying, Media Planning)
Universal Music Group
(Geffen Records, Island Def Jam Music Group)
Walgreens Boots Alliance
Whole Foods Market (Media Agency of Record)
(Data, National Media Planning & Buying, Search, Social)
(5 Gum, Skittles)
Wyndham Worldwide
(Super 8, Wyndham Worldwide)


Media Buying Services
Media Planning


GroupM North America & Corporate HQPARENTNew York, NY5,001 - 10,000
MediaComCurrentNew York, NY5,001 - 10,000
All Seasons MediacomChildLagos, Nigeria11 - 50
Code Computerlove Ltd.ChildManchester, United Kingdom51 - 100
MediaComChildBrussels, Belgium11 - 50
MediaCom ASChildOslo, Norway51 - 100
MediaCom AmsterdamChildAmsterdam, Netherlands51 - 100
MediaCom AthensChildAthens, Greece11 - 50
MediaCom Australia Pty. Ltd.ChildMelbourne, Australia51 - 100
MediaCom BangaloreChildBengaluru, India101 - 500
MediaCom BeijingChildBeijing, China101 - 500
MediaCom DenmarkChildCopenhagen, Denmark101 - 500
MediaCom EdinburghChildEdinburgh, United Kingdom11 - 50
MediaCom Hong KongChildQuarry Bay, China (Hong Kong)11 - 50
MediaCom IndiaChildMumbai, India101 - 500
MediaCom IrelandChildDublin, Ireland11 - 50
MediaCom ItalyChildMilan, Italy51 - 100
MediaCom JapanChildTokyo, Japan51 - 100
MediaCom ParisChildParis, France101 - 500
MediaCom PortugalChildPorto Salvo, Portugal11 - 50
MediaCom PrahaChildPrague, Czech Republic51 - 100
MediaCom Puerto RicoChildSan Juan, PR11 - 50
MediaCom ShanghaiChildShanghai, China101 - 500
MediaCom SingaporeChildSingapore, Singapore101 - 500
MediaCom South AfricaChildJohannesburg, South Africa11 - 50
MediaCom Sverige ABChildStockholm, Sweden51 - 100
MediaCom SwitzerlandChildZurich, Switzerland51 - 100
MediaCom SydneyChildSydney, Australia101 - 500
MediaCom USChildNew York, NY501 - 1,000
MediaCom USAChildSanta Monica, CA51 - 100
MediaCom VancouverChildVancouver, Canada1 - 10
MediaCom ViennaChildVienna, Austria101 - 500
MediaCom WarszawaChildWarsaw, Poland101 - 500
Mediacom DusseldorfChildDusseldorf, Germany501 - 1,000
Mediacom LondonChildLondon, United Kingdom501 - 1,000
jotabequ AdvertisingChildSan Jose, Costa Rica101 - 500
Catalyst OnlineSiblingNewton, MA51 - 100
DataXu, Inc.SiblingBoston, MA101 - 500
ESP BrandsSiblingNew York, NY11 - 50
GroupM APAC HQSiblingSydney, Australia
GroupM ChinaSiblingShanghai, China
GroupM EMEA HQSiblingLondon, United Kingdom
GroupM EntertainmentSiblingSanta Monica, CA11 - 50
GroupM LATAM HQSiblingMexico, Mexico
GroupM SingaporeSiblingSingapore, Singapore
GroupM ThailandSiblingBangkok, Thailand
KineticSiblingNew York, NY101 - 500
m/SIXSiblingNew York, NY101 - 500
m/SIXSiblingLondon, United Kingdom51 - 100
Maxus GlobalSiblingNew York, NY1,001 - 5,000
MEC, Global HQ, New YorkSiblingNew York, NY1,001 - 5,000
PLAY CommunicationSiblingSurry Hills, Australia11 - 50
Xaxis, LLCSiblingNew York, NY101 - 500


Profile: @MediaComUS

Followers: 5,679

Following: 556

Tweets: 6,478

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Page Likes: 14,659

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Whole Foods Selects MullenLowe For Creative Duties October 16, 2017

Whole Foods Market has selected MullenLowe, part of Interpublic to be its new creative agency, according to sources. The agency declined comment and the client didn’t respond to confirmation queries. That may be due to the fact that while the...

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Brands urged to end the stigma of mental health in the workplace October 15, 2017

Marketers are used to using their influence to drive customer centricity within their organisation and their communications skills to nudge customers into changing their behaviour. Now they are being asked to use their talents to help achieve...

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Local Mediacom employee earns recognition October 14, 2017

FREEPORT — Mediacom employee Jeffrey Hockman of Freeport recently earned a top customer service award during an awards ceremony at Mediacom’s Regional Field Operations Center in Moline.Hockman earned the national bronze-level Customer...

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Spark Foundry Picks Up Mattress Firm’s $250 Million U.S. Media Account October 13, 2017

Mattress Firm, America’s largest specialty mattress retailer, has named Publicis Groupe’s Spark Foundry as its U.S. media agency of record after a review. This news marks the second recent agency change for the company. In May, it...

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The Telegraph appoints OMD’s Aki Mandhar as chief operating officer amid senior shake-up October 12, 2017

The Telegraph has appointed Aki Mandhar as its chief operating officer, a role that has been vacant since June when Nick Hugh stepped up as chief executive . In the role Mandhar will take responsibility for commercial content, newspaper production...

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New Advertising Campaign Shows How EY's Better-Connected Consultants Lead Clients Through the Transformative Age October 11, 2017

NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Ernst & Young LLP is launching a multi-million-dollar brand campaign, showcasing how the firm's army of better-connected consultants are enabling clients to adapt to the changing business landscape....

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New Advertising Campaign Shows How EY's Better-Connected Consultants Lead Clients Through the Transformative Age October 10, 2017

NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Ernst & Young LLP is launching a multi-million-dollar brand campaign, showcasing how the firm's army of better-connected consultants are enabling clients to adapt to the changing business landscape....

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GlassView Continues Expansion with Series of New Hires October 09, 2017

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11 creative leaders highlight BAME creators disrupting the industry to inspire next gen of talent October 08, 2017

11 creative industry leaders, including MediaCom chairwoman Karen Blackett and Quiet Storm founder Trevor Robinson, have put forward 10 BAME creators shaping the industry to spotlight the need for greater diversity in the creative sector. There is...

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US nail brand Sally Hansen enlists Chelsea FC striker Eniola Aluko for its women diversity campaign October 07, 2017

US nail brand Sally Hansen has signed Chelsea FC striker Eniola Aluko as its global ambassador for a campaign which tackles stereotypes and encourages female diversity. As part of the campaign titled 'Self-Made Beauty' , a teaser has been rolled out...

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Cynopsis Digital "It List" Honorees and Luncheon Details Announced Honorees will be awarded on Friday, November 10 at TriBeca's ThreeSixty in NYC October 06, 2017

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American Airlines targets commuters with pop-up sports lounge October 04, 2017

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Above the Norm: the building of DAC Group October 03, 2017

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Dentsu Beats Out the Other 4 Major Holding Companies to Win AB InBev’s Global Media Review October 02, 2017

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Hitron Launches Video Campaign Focused on Cable Ops October 01, 2017

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Saturday edition: Unilever marketing boss Weed reveals 5C brand strategy | Meet the winners of the Marketing New Thinking Awards 2017 | and more... September 30, 2017

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Mindshare North America Wins Big At The Digital Trading Awards, SMARTIES, And More September 29, 2017

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‘There’s an enormous lack of trust’: Agencies need to clean up their acts, warns former Carat boss September 28, 2017

The way major holding companies have been treating clients’ media money without their knowledge is the key factor in the loss of trust by marketers in their agencies, a senior industry executive has claimed. In a hard-hitting panel at...

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GroupM Launches Finecast, A New Addressable TV Business In The U.K. September 27, 2017

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New York Women in Communications to Honor Next Generation of Female Comms Leaders at 2017 WiCi Awards September 26, 2017

.....New York Women in Communications (NYWICI) announced the 2017 WiCi Awards honorees, in recognition of the communications industry’s top rising stars. Five young leaders will be honored on Tuesday, October 10 during a special ceremony at...

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WPP : GroupM and Alibaba form strategic brand marketing partnership September 25, 2017

GroupM, the media investment management group of WPP, has forged a strategic alliance with Alibaba. The high-powered partnership combines GroupM's [m]PLATFORM solution with Alibaba's Uni Marketing products, collaborating in areas including data,...

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MediaCom names Charlotte Goddard head of business development September 24, 2017

MediaCom has appointed regional client director Charlotte Goddard to the role of head of business development, Asia Pacific. She reports to Mark Heap, CEO, Asia Pacific, MediaCom. With 10 years of industry experience, Goddard brings a broad and deep...

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WPP's MediaCom Is Media Agency Pitch King For The First Half Of 2017 September 23, 2017

WPP's MediaCom Is Media Agency Pitch King For The First Half Of 2017 - Latest News MediaCom, part of WPP’s GroupM, was the top media agency in new business for the first half of 2017, according to agency tracker COMvergence ... Starcom, which...

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American Airlines lets fly with London taxi geofencing campaign September 22, 2017

.....American Airlines has harnessed London’s iconic black cabs for its latest promotional push, a real-time geofencing campaign which will see it deliver mobile ads to passengers phones as they traverse the capital in taxis sporting custom...

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New York Women In Communications Announces The 2017 WiCi Award Honorees September 21, 2017

NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- New York Women in Communications (NYWICI) today announced the 2017 WiCi Awards honorees, in recognition of the communications industry's top rising stars. Five young leaders will be honored on Tuesday,...

PR Newswire

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MediaCom promotes Charlotte Goddard to head of business development September 20, 2017

MediaCom Asia-Pacific has promoted client director Charlotte Goddard to the head of business development for the region. Goddard joined the APAC hub in 2015 from MediaCom London and has been responsible helping the agency win a number of regional...

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Mediacom wins Victorian government media account September 19, 2017

GroupM’s Mediacom has won the Victorian government’s $75m media account from incumbent Dentsu Mitchell after a tender kicked off in April, Mumbrella understands. The Victorian government spent $74.9m on advertising in 2015/2016 – a...

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Mediacom CEO Earns Foreign Policy Honor September 18, 2017

Mediacom founder, chmn and CEO Rocco Commisso received the Foreign Policy Association Medal in a NYC ceremony last Thursday. The medal is meant to honor those who work to expand public knowledge surrounding international affairs. The post Mediacom...

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How Snickers Used Social Media Outrage to Fuel the Year’s Most Innovative Media Plan September 17, 2017

Adweek’s Media Plan of the Year honorees include the most innovative media plans from around the world. Here, our Best in Show winner: Beware the dreaded blood-sugar drop and the awful things that can happen as a result. But what if hunger...

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How teenagers are fooling parents into thinking they’re being good with their Facebook feeds September 16, 2017

.....A report has found teenagers are increasingly using the social media site to present a family-friendly version of themselves to relatives. A poll by MediaCom, .....

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MediaCom leads global benchmarking chart for new business wins – according to latest figures September 15, 2017

According to the latest global benchmarking study New Business Barometer H1 2017 from COMvergence, which covers the period of Janaury to June 2017, MediaCom leads the way in new business for media agencies. MediaCom’s position can be explained...

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Where Lucozade is using the cash saved from in-housing advertising September 14, 2017

18 months after building an in-house creative team, Lucozade Ribena Suntory is ploughing the money saved from agency and production costs into previously under-explored areas of marketing. The shift to in-housing everything from content production...

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Black British Business Awards announce finalists September 13, 2017

The Black British Business Awards has announced its finalists for a series of categories to celebrate trailbrazing members and rising starts of the black British business community. The awards have set out to find "exceptional performance and...

Daily Telegraph (UK)

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Stars Align for Zodiac & ActiveVideo September 12, 2017

After years of reaching for the cloud separately, ActiveVideo and Zodiac Interactive are now working together to offer cloud-based video services and advanced user interfaces to a wide range of set-top boxes, both old and new. ActiveVideo and Zodiac...

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MediaCom is Global Agency of the Year at M&M Global Awards 2017 September 11, 2017

The agency celebrates a hat-trick of wins with MediaCom UK being named Agency of the Year and Gillette's Bachelor of Shaving winning Campaign of the YearMediaCom has achieved the two biggest prizes at the 2017 M&M Global Awards, winning both the...

Best Media Info (India)

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These 18 Diverse and Novel Campaigns Cut Through the Clutter to Win This Year’s Project Isaac Awards September 10, 2017

In our complex, hyper-connected and fast-changing world where media, marketing and technology converge and mingle more every day, you don’t have to create “genius” campaigns in order to cut through the clutter. But if you do, it...

People In This Article: Anush Prabhu

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United States : Stuart Garvie Named Ceo of Groupm Canada September 09, 2017

.....Garvie is currently President of Sales at Bell Media. Garvie will lead GroupMs executive committee in Canada, which includes the CEOs of Mindshare, MediaCom, WAVEMAKER .....

Al Bawaba Business

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MediaCom UK named Agency of the Year at M&M Global Awards 2017 September 08, 2017

Last night, at the M&M Global Awards in London, MediaCom UK won the coveted Agency of the Year award, as well as the Gold award thanks to some fantastic work for Lucozade. The excellence of MediaCom's work was recognised by a jury with...

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MediaCom score Grand Prix hat-trick at M&M Global Awards September 07, 2017

This evening at the Natural History Museum under Hope, the new Blue Whale struture, the international media and marketing industry came together to celebrate global excellence in advertising. MediacCom was the big winner on the night taking home all...

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Orion delays vote on fiber optics September 06, 2017

ORION — Village trustees on Wednesday delayed action on an agreement to allow Geneseo Communications to use right-of-way to lay new fiber optic cable for internet connectivity in the village. Just prior to what was to have been a vote, Trustee...

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Peter Diermayr joins MediaCom as regional director September 05, 2017

MediaCom has appointed Peter Diermayr as regional director. In his new role, he will report to Mark Heap, MediaCom APAC CEO, and take on the role as regional APAC lead for MediaCom’s DELL account. This will see him taking on duties such as...

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Creative experts line up to judge digital out of home contest September 04, 2017

Anna Carpen, executive creative director at 18 Feet & Rising, Aaron Goldring, executive creative director at Partners Andrews Aldridge and Neil Richardson, creative director at Leo Burnett will be joining the judging line-up for the out of home...

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Grand Prix family helps raise suicide awareness September 03, 2017

ROCK ISLAND -- Travis DeVriendt had a smile as bright as the sun that shone on the 23rd annual Xtream Rock Island Grand Prix, powered by Mediacom. For the third year, Sunday's action kicked off with one of the event's premier races -- the Briggs...

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Black Patch planners honor Boren, Jones September 02, 2017

Twyman Boren is best known as the face and the voice of Princeton’s local radio station. His dedication to this community and his 38-year career with WPKY led the Princeton Optimist Club to select him as one of the grand marshals for the 2017...

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Creative experts line up to judge digital out of home contest September 01, 2017

Anna Carpen, executive creative director at 18 Feet & Rising, Aaron Goldring, executive creative director at Partners Andrews Aldridge and Neil Richardson, creative director at Leo Burnett will be joining the judging line-up for the out of home...

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Library set to shut down and move in one week August 31, 2017

Aug. 31--Drake Public Library Director JeNel Barth went over a timeline for moving the library to its temporary location with members of the library board Wednesday evening during a special meeting. The library will take possession of the old Mr....

Daily Iowegian (Centerville, IA)

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Mediacom Communications starts rollout of Gigabit Broadband in Gulf Coast markets August 30, 2017

United States, Aug. 30 -- Mediacom Communications is bringing 1 Gig Internet speeds to South Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. As a result, homes and businesses in 55 Gulf Coast communities passed by Mediacom's fibre-rich digital network now have...

Pivotal Sources (India)

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GlassView Brings High-Frequency Trading and Analytics to Video Media Buying August 29, 2017

NEW YORK, Aug. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- We all know that smart brands buy media placements that align with consumer interest. But what if brands could make those purchases ahead of the trends, in anticipation of future consumer interest? That's the...

PR Newswire

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Brits’ 'Ship of Death' Recalled by New York Post August 28, 2017

Some 11,500 Americans died in 13 “hellish” U.K. prisoner ships docked off Brooklyn during the Revolutionary War, recalled the New York Post Aug. 25 . Twice as many died on one ship, the Jersey, than died in combat during the entire War...

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