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Horizon Media, Inc. REDBOOKS Profile

Horizon Media, Inc. is the largest and fastest-growing privately-held media services agency in the world. Their mission is to create the most meaningful brand connections within the lives of people everywhere. They deliver on that mission through a holistic, innovative approach to brand marketing.

Address: 75 Varick St, New York, NY 10013
Tel: (212) 220-5000
Website: www.horizonmedia.com







1,001 - 5,000


$1 billion +


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Tel: (212) 220-5000

Bill Koenigsberg Founder, President & CEO
Kimberly Aiello EVP & Managing Partner, Brand Strategy
Sarah Baehr Managing Partner, Digital Investment & EVP
Peggy McCann Beanland Managing Partner & EVP
Charlotte Cochrane EVP & Managing Partner, Digital
Katy Ferguson Managing Partner & EVP
Charlie Rutman Managing Partner & EVP
Lizzie Diller Managing Director & SVP
Michele Donati Mng Dir & Sr VP-WHERE
Jeff Francisco Managing Director & SVP
Cristina Marrus Managing Director & SVP
Phil Mitchell Group Managing Director & SVP
Jake Phillips Managing Director & SVP
Megan Riley Managing Director & SVP
Nancy Starring Blucher Managing Director & VP
Christine Lembo Managing Director & VP
Tim McCarthy Managing Director & VP
Dan Parise Managing Director & VP
Andy Ruia Associate Managing Director
Vinnie O'Toole CFO, COO & EVP
Cliff Cree CIO & EVP
Stephen Hall Chief Marketing Officer
Eileen Benwitt Chief Talent Officer & EVP
Eva Kantrowitz Chief Strategy Officer, Brand Development & EVP
David Campanelli Co-Chief Investment Officer
Stan Fields Chief Client Officer & EVP
Maria Freda Chief Accounting Officer, SVP & Controller
Rick Watrall Chief Analytics Officer
Donald Williams Chief Digital Officer
Gene Turner Executive Vice President
Michael Aiello SVP & Managing Director, Shared Services
David Besegai SVP & Managing Director, Horizon Next
Moffat Frazier SVP & Managing Director, Consumer Strategy, WHY Group
Lauren Russo SVP & Managing Director, Audio Investments & Promotions
Adam Heimlich SVP, Programmatic & Head, HX
Nancy Larkin SVP & Director, Local Television
Jason Lee SVP & Director, Digital Strategy & Innovation
Jill Nickerson SVP & Director, OOH
Katie Comerford SVP, Digital Media
Paula Connard SVP, Digital
Steve Faske SVP, Business Affairs
Kyung Kim SVP, Digital Activation
Laura McElhinney Sr VP-Media Tech & Data
Kirk Olson SVP, Entertainment & Trendsights
Philip Weissman SVP, Analytics
Chris Bergius VP & Managing Director, Media Operations & Client Solutions
Karina Dobarro VP & Managing Director, Multicultural Brand Strategy
Stacey Schlesinger Managing Director, Promotions
Arminda Mindy Guillama-Rodriguez VP, Brand & Group Director
Patrick Wallace VP & Group Director, Brand
Courtney Cullen VP & Director, Video Investment
Amy Endelson VP & Director
Marc Fenty VP & Director, OOH
Rachel Freiberg VP & Director, Channel Insights
Kathleen Friel-McCartney VP & Director, Digital Investment Operations
Sam Rose VP & Director, National TV & Horizon Advanced
Pamela Antonacchio VP & Grp Brand Dir-Horizon Next
Sarah Bachman VP, Mobile Strategy
Tom Closs Associate Managing Director & VP
Larry Curran VP, Talent
Niki DeCou VP & Associate Managing Director
Michelle Futerman VP, Integrated Media Strategy
Greg Garunov VP-Digital Strategy & Investment
Rawan Ghanem VP, Human Resources Operations & Analytics
Heather Giudice VP & Group Brand Director
Jamie Gordon VP & Group Brand Director
Allie Grimes VP & Group Brand Director
Sarah Haddow VP, Digital Brand Strategy
Ashley Halvorsen VP & Group Brand Director
Jeanne Hartmann VP & Associate Managing Director
Kaya Heitman VP, Communications
Eric Jacobsen VP & Associate Managing Director
Addy Kim VP & Group Brand Director
Skylar Kim VP, Digital Investment, Data Strategy & Entertainment
Heather Kleeman VP, Digital Media
Diana E. Lawrence VP-Digital & Integrated Print Activation
Wendy Lyons-Conlon VP, Activation, Direct Marketing
Maikel O'Hanlon VP, Social Media Strategy & Relationship Marketing
Natalie Orozco-Davis VP, Digital Strategy
Anthony Salerno VP & Associate Managing Director
Alex Stone VP, Digital Investment
James Tarone VP, Digital Investment
Eric Warburton VP, Advertising Operations
Lori Wigler Associate Managing Director & VP
Pedro L Rodriguez Co-Head, Multicultural Social Media & Director, Social Strategy
Alison Kalis Head, Social Intelligence
Morgan Bettinger Group Director
Christina Bogush Group Director, Brand
Jacqueline Conklin Group Director, Brand
Shawn Gentles Group Director, Brand, Strategy, Weight Watchers
Ashley Grayovski Group Director, Brand
Kenneth Grosso Group Director, Brand
Emily Harold Group Director, Brand Strategy
Teresa Hsu Group Director
Lauren Moller Group Director, Brand
Mike Ogurick Group Director, Brand
Marlon Samuels Group Director, Brand
Joey Savino Group Director, OOH
Farrah Starkman Group Director, Brand
Alexandra Torcasi Group Director, Brand
Jason Wolf Group Director, Brand
Rachel Port Art Director
Monica Rienzo Capelan Director, Programmatic Sales Planning, HX
Michael Cha Director, Search Engine Marketing, Digital
Kalli Chapman Director, Digital
Renata Coco Director, Business Consulting, Media Technology & Data
Sarah Duffy Director, Video Investment
Alison Dusenbery Director, Digital Media
Jefffrey Eckart Director, Digital
Jane Elliott Director, Search Engine Marketing
Annie Fong-Anderson Director, Campaign Management & Operations
David Glicksman Director, Digital
Britney Greenhouse Director, Digital Media
Alexandra Haack Director, Mobile Strategy
Arthur Ishmael Director, Digital Media
Jessica Mark Director
Jerly Marquez Director, Multicultural Brand Strategy
Meghan McCormick Director, Social Creative Strategy
Kaitlyn Mcinnis Director, Digital Media
Nikki Neary Director, Digital Media
James Ollunga Director, Business Analytics
Rob Pecci Director, Digital
Natalia Rocha Director, Brand Strategy
Juliana Roding Director, Analytics
Traci Rosen Director, Digital Media
Matthew Sahadi Director, OOH
Adam Schwartz Director, Sports Media, National Broadcast
Raghu Siddani Director, Analytics, Direct Marketing & Planning
Morgan Stalder Director, Digital Media
David Stone Director, Digital Media
Anita Walsh Director, Social Strategy
Paul Schindler Assistant Director, Brand Group
Mark Yeager Associate Director, Brand Group & Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Rachel Andreus Associate Director, Digital Strategy
Justin Barton Associate Director, Programmatic
Alyssa Benavides Associate Director, Digital Investment Operations
Radha Bidishi Associate Director, Product Development & Data Integration
Louise Chu Associate Director, Digital Search & Analytics
Lisa Cialfi Associate Director, Media & Digital
Marifel Corpuz Associate Director, Advanced Analytics
Ryan Durosky Associate Director, Analytics, Strategy & Insights Integration
Michael Fehn Associate Director, Products & Analytics
Brittany Bell Fine Associate Director, Media & Digital
Amanda Freed Associate Director, Data Solutions & Governance
Kristi Hummel Associate Director
Justin Jarmus Associate Director, Digital Media
Joanne Johnson Associate Director, Video Investment
Angela Lanza Associate Director, Digital
Christopher Li Associate Director, Paid Search & Digital
Matthew Lucich Associate Director, Product & Analytics
Kevin McGehee Associate Director, Advanced Analytics
Joe Anthony Melendez Associate Director, Programmatic Product
Judy Noh Associate Director, Advertising Operations
Lisa Pyles Associate Director
Glynnis Reilly Associate Director
Laura Sammartino Associate Director, Consumer Strategy, The WHY Group
Nina Sarcinella Associate Director, Media & Digital
Navneet Singh Associate Director, Programmatic Buying & HX
Lisa Tarulli Associate Director
Annie Tsang Associate Director, Digital Strategy, Planning & Direct Marketing
Elizabeth Twersky Associate Director, Media & Digital
Alex Willig Associate Director, Media & Digital
Rebecca Winston Associate Director, Brand Group, Horizon Next
John Lind Senior Manager, Social Marketplace
Haley Rohrer Senior Manager, Media, Social Marketplace
Amy Wiener Senior Manager, Media
Alexia Victor Ops Mgr-Media Plng
Samantha Brown Group Brand Director
Alex Gargano Group Brand Director
Sooun Lee Group Brand Director
Jamie Suk Group Brand Director
Emily Bitar Manager, Advanced Analytics
Michael DeSimone Manager, Research, Social Intelligence
Alex George Manager, Social Marketplace
Joseph Han Manager, Digital Media Analytics
Tracey Kitaeff Manager, Digital Analytics
Connor McBride Manager, Social Media Marketing
Jeannine Meza Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis
Bianca Patel Manager, Digital Campaign
Gregorio Roseto Manager, Digital Audio Investment, National & Local Audio
Bahman Sharifi Manager, Analytics
Jillian Avratin Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Joseph Baker Supervisor, Mobile Strategy
Tara Broad Supervisor, Digital Media
Kara Brown Supervisor
Matthew Buckholz Supervisor, Digital Media, LG
Christine Calicchio Supervisor, Digital Media
Dan Capuano Supervisor, Digital Media
Connie Cardona Supervisor, Billing, Digital
Juliette Castiel Supervisor, Digital Media
Natalie Chlan Supervisor, Digital Media
Samantha Coghan Supervisor, Digital Media
Lindsey Colven Supervisor, Digital Media
Iman Criner Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Matthew Croutier Supervisor
Jennifer Czonstkowsky Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Ashley Delisle Supervisor, Digital Media
Avital DeVoe Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Albert DiCostanzo Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Aita H. Djigo Supervisor, OOH
Rebecca Dyckman Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Courtney Fischer Supervisor, Digital Strategy
Melissa Flynn Supervisor, Brand Strategy
David Forman Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Zandile Gamache Supervisor, Programmatic Sales Planning
Silvia Garcia Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Meredith Gibson Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Brittany Goldman Supervisor, Digital Media
Shanee Griffith Supervisor, Strategy, Buffalo Wild Wings
Lauren Hochhauser Supervisor, Video Investment
Jaclyn Hoexter Supervisor, Digital
Alyssa Hook Supervisor, Media, Digital
Mikhail Jean Supervisor, Digital Media
Sade Jimoh Supervisor, Digital Media
Dasha Kotcherga Supervisor, Strategy
Brooke Lee Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Will Leonard Supervisor, Strategy
Amelia Lopuch Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Chris Lorenz Supervisor, Digital Strategy & Planning, Horizon Next
Rachel E. Mahler Supervisor, Media
Louis Maio Supervisor, Digital Media
Kyle McAteer Supervisor, Digital Media
Stefanie Neckameyer Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Alexandra Patterson Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Tien Phan Supervisor, Digital Media
Alex Proujansky Supervisor, Social Marketplace
Neethu Ramchandar Supervisor, Mobile Strategy
Kara Rood Supervisor, Social Strategy
Lauren Rubcic Supervisor, Digital Brand Strategy, Lifetime Account, A&E Networks
Hanna Schmitz Supervisor, Digital Investment
Kari Shepard Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Emily Silverman Supervisor, Media, Digital
Nicholas Smith Supervisor
Samara Sommer Supervisor, Digital Media
Noah Suchoff Supervisor, Digital Media
Kate Summers Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Meghan Sweeney Supervisor, Digital Media
Kathryn Theryoung Supervisor, OOH
Dwayne Thompson Supervisor, Out of Home
Emmeline van der Post Supervisor, Mobile Strategy
Emily Van Wormer Supervisor, Brand Strategy
Kristie Verola Supervisor, Digital
Kimberly Viola Supervisor, Digital Media
Corinne Waite Supervisor, Social Strategy & Influence
Marissa Willstein Supervisor, Digital
Diane Yam Supervisor, Programmatic Analytics, HX
Cristina Cardenas Senior Strategist, Planning
Lucas Carra Senior Strategist
Leah Castronova Senior Strategist, Brand
Ariana Garay Senior Strategist, Mobile
Victor Eric Garcia Senior Strategist, Social Creative
Emily Glenewinkel Senior Strategist, OOH
Eleonore Glowinski-Xu Senior Strategist, Social Creative
Melissa Hui Senior Strategist, Brand
Stacy Jolly Senior Strategist, Brand
Kelsey Moran Senior Strategist, OOH
Dillon Orr Senior Strategist, Brand
Michael Pilch Senior Strategist
Jessie Pollack Senior Strategist, Brand
Erin Pucciarelli Senior Strategist, Brand
Melissa Siegal Senior Strategist, Direct Marketing
Jennie Sinetar Senior Strategist, Brand
Lindsay Steidl Senior Strategist, Social
Heather Switzer Senior Strategist, OOH
Chris Bauerschmidt Senior Buyer, Local Video Investment
Jamie Bender Senior Planner, Digital Media
Stephen Cacace Senior Planner, Digital Media
Leland Chen Strategist, Out of Home
Jessica Duncan Strategist, OOH
Corin Eckel Senior Buyer, Local Audio
Cassandra Ehioghiren Senior Planner, Digital Media
Danielle Fluker Strategist, Brand
Allie Francis Senior Planner, Programmatic Sales
Celeste Funger Strategist, Brand
Amy Gundel Senior Buyer, Local TV
Kelly Hand Strategist, Brand
Taylor Harrison Strategist, Brand
Brooke Herrin Strategist, Brand
Brandi Hurlstone Senior Planner, Digital
Zoe Johnson Strategist, Brand
Alison Joseph Strategist, TrendSights
Sarah Koch Strategist, Brand
Nicole Maffettone Senior Buyer, Audio
Kat Mallen Senior Buyer, Broadcast
Izzy Manaloto Senior Buyer
Christina Marino Strategist, Social Intelligence
Bill McBreen Specialist, Digital Media
Julie McCarthy Senior Planner, Digital Media
Madeline Moss Senior Planner, Digital Media
Lauren Mossberg Strategist, Social
Benita Mueller Senior Buyer, Broadcast
Melanie Ngo Strategist, Mobile
Kate Prentis Strategist, Brand
Beatrice Proscia Senior Planner, Digital Media
Chelsea Ramsey Strategist, Learning
Amanda Satsky Senior Planner, Media
Scott Savran Account Executive, Analytics
Cassie Scheiner Senior Planner, Digital Media
Natasha Tio Strategist, Brand
Jessica Botterbusch Assistant Strategist, Brand
Amanda Marks Assistant Strategist, Brand
Nicholas Albano Senior Analyst, Digital
Saritha Gurram Senior Analyst, Data Visualization
Rollin Lee Senior Analyst, Digital Analytics
Mary E Sipala Senior Analyst, Digital Analytics
Francis Tienzo Senior Analyst, Advanced Analytics
William C. Tung Senior Analyst, Digital
Adam Watson Senior Analyst, Digital Media
Arianna Akerblom Analyst, Data & Analytics
Christie Arena Media Planner, Digital
Zoe Berns Media Buyer
Isaac Candib Media Buyer
Raquel Caruso Associate Media Buyer
Jessica Chinnici Media Buyer, Horizon Next
Cody Correa Planner, Digital Media
Andrew Coster Planner, Digital
Melissa DeMarzo Media Buyer, Direct Marketing
Lily Donahue Planner, Digital Media
Ilana Faibish Planner, Digital Media
Francesca Ferone Planner, Digital Media
Jenna Ferranti Planner, Digital Media
Patrick Fleming Planner, Digital Media
Meredith Frizzell Planner, Digital Media
Shira Gaffney Planner, Digital Media
Jane Glickman Media Buyer, National Television
Zachary Halperin Planner, Digital Media
Erin Hanley Planner, Digital Media
Katie Harrell Media Buyer
Chih-Yu Hou Analyst, Programmatic
Danielle Hunter Senior Designer
Christopher Jarmus Analyst, Insights Integration
Katie Jordan Media Buyer
Brigid Judge Associate Media Buyer
Kennon Krieger Media Planner
Colin Leary Media Buyer
Alicia Licalzi Analyst, Digital Analytics
Sean McNoble Associate Media Buyer
Radhika Menon Planner, Digital Media
Mike Mierzejwski Designer
Rachel Morrissey Media Planner, Digital
Kallan Murray Media Planner, Digital, Horizon Next
Armel Nanaj Associate Media Buyer
Tiffany Nelz Planner, Digital Media
Sumeet Oberoi Analyst, Digital Analytics
Monica Oliveira Planner, Digital Media
Andrea Ornstein Media Buyer
Amanda Orzo Planner, Digital Media
Johncarlo Pecorari Media Buyer
Alena Pilichowski Planner, Digital Media
Salonie Rego Analyst, Digital Media
Samantha Rettie Planner, Digital Media
Amanda Rutig Planner, Digital Media
Mark Rutter Media Buyer
Dylan Schlussel Media Buyer, Horizon Next
Mallory Skarica Media Buyer
Jennifer St Jeanos Media Planner
Brittany Strayer Media Buyer, Local Investment
Sapphira Tsang Analyst, Digital Media
Dana Vetrano Media Buyer
Ali Wasserman Media Buyer
Gabrielle Weil Media Buyer
Mackenzie Weilheimer Media Buyer, National TV
Zachary Weinstock Planner, Digital Media
Keith West Media Buyer
Xuewei Zhang Analyst, Digital Media
Addie Audette Assistant Planner, Digital
Nicole Candelora Assistant Buyer
Rachel Davatgar Assistant Planner, Digital
Abigail Kawa Assistant Planner, Programmatic
Hallie Rosenblum Assistant Buyer, Video Investment
Robert Stearns Assistant Buyer, Programmatic
Shannon Zhu Assistant Planner, Programmatic
Catherine Olajide Junior Account Executive
Richard Simms Dean, Learning
Erin Acker Associate Media Director, Horizon Next
Elyse Aufrichtig Assistant Media Planner, Digital
Sarah Axelrad Assistant Media Buyer
Aaron Black Associate Group Director, Brand
Lisa Brandoff Senior Media Buyer, Direct Marketing
Laura Cabral Assistant Media Buyer, Local Audio
Ianne Rassel Cambaliza Associate Media Director
Amanda Camhi Assistant Media Buyer
Justin Cheung Assistant Media Planner
Paolo Cipriano Junior Analyst, Programmatic Analytics, HX
Andrew Collins Senior Media Buyer
Jordan Cook Assistant Media Buyer
Andrew Cotlov Associate Group Director, Brand Strategy
Karina Cruz Assistant Media Buyer
Vanessa Curcuru-Simoncelli Associate Managing Director
Hector Daza, Jr. Buyer, Programmatic
Stephanie De Flora Associate Group Director, Brand Strategy
Nicholas DeLeon Assistant Media Buyer
Gabrielle DeMasi Senior Media Buyer
Shondra Dodge Associate Group Director, Brand
Nick Dorr-Hanss Senior Media Planner
Lauren Dowe Assistant Media Buyer
Katie Dye Group Manager, Audio
Stephanie Eisenberg Associate Media Director, Video Investment
David Gabriel Falzon Senior Media Buyer
Alexandra Ferrari Associate Media Director
Marvin Figueroa Associate Media Director
Isabel Freedman Junior Designer, Social Media
Daniel Garnick Assistant Media Buyer, Direct Marketing
Helen Gianakopoulos Junior Planner, Digital
Allison Gimbel Associate Media Director
Rosie Given Assistant Media Buyer
Ryan Glassberg Assistant Media Buyer
Michelle Greenbaum Assistant Media Planner
Alexander Hall Associate Group Director, Brand
Jennifer Heitner Associate Media Director
Alyssa Henderson-Coles Assistant Media Buyer
Kali Herbstman Assistant Media Buyer
Elizabeth Hetzel Associate Media Director
Maggie Hitchings Assistant Media Planner
Caitlin Hogan Senior Media Buyer
Clare Iadanza Associate Group Director, Brand
Alexandra Ingenito Associate Media Director
Jennifer Isler Associate Media Director
Aryeh Jasper Associate Managing Director
Kara Jellinek Associate Media Director
Beth Kahn Associate Group Director, Brand
Amanda Karis Assistant Media Buyer
Richard Kelly Associate Media Director
Emily Klarfeld Assoc Grp Brand Dir
Katherine Klots Senior Media Planner, Digital
Hannah Kolman Asst Brand Strategist
David Laub Assoc Grp Brand Dir
Sonia Ledwith Senior Media Planner
Rebecca Levi Associate Media Director
Melissa Luther Assistant Media Buyer
Juliet Lynam Assistant Media Buyer
Nirmala Makardajh Assistant Media Planner
Natalie Malicki Assistant Media Planner, Digital
Eric Mandell Assistant Media Buyer, Sports
Alexandra Mangione Junior Graphic Designer, Social Media Creative
Kendall Mar Assistant Media Planner
Heather McDaniel Assoc Grp Brand Dir
Mark McKee Senior Media Buyer
Melanie McLaughlin Assistant Media Buyer
Blair Merullo Senior Media Planner
Preston Metz Assistant Media Planner
Kristen Milea Assistant Media Buyer
Mayeesa L. Mitchell Assistant Media Buyer
Emily Mizer Assistant Media Buyer
Susan Morelli Associate Group Director, Brand
Sheena Mullan Assistant Media Planner, Digital
Kaitlin Nizolek Assistant Negotiator, Digital Investment & Agency Partnerships
Skyler Northcutt Buyer, Sport Media, National TV
Colby Novogrodzky Assistant Media Buyer, National TV
Evan O'Hara Assistant Media Buyer
Toluwase Oladapo Associate Strategist, Brand
Jongho Park Buyer, Programmatic
Alicia Pignataro Senior Media Buyer
Sandra Ramon Assistant Media Buyer
Greg Richards Senior Media Buyer
Charlotte M Robins Assistant Media Buyer, Direct Marketing Activation
Alexandra Rooney Senior Media Planner, Digital
Sally Roseman Senior Media Buyer
Allie Ruderman Associate Group Director, Brand
Hope Ruotolo Assistant Media Planner, Digital
Dana Saccaro Associate Buyer
Jennifer Savage Associate Media Director
Tracy Schnoll Assistant Media Buyer
Jillian Schott Senior Media Planner
Elliott Sheldon Assistant Media Buyer
Brianne Sullivan Associate Group Director, Brand
Monica Torero Junior Analyst, Data & Media Operations
Maria Micchelli Tullin Group Manager
Taylor Valentine Chief Invention Officer
Michael Vielma Assistant Media Planner
Melissa Wallerstein Assistant Media Planner
Kathryn Walter Negotiator
Alli Wexler Associate Media Director, Integrated Print
Taryn Wind Assistant Media Buyer
Victor Yip Buyer, Programmatic
Craig Zuckerman Buyer, Programmatic


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A&E Television Networks
American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (2018)
TriHonda Dealer Group (Lead Media Agency)
Amerifit Nutrition, Inc.
(AZO, Culturelle, Estroven)
Angie's List
(Media Buying, Media Planning)
Avon (Offline Media Agency of Record)
(Broadcast, Media, Non-Digital Media Planning & Activation, Print, Radio)
BBC Worldwide America Inc.
Buffalo Wild Wings, Minneapolis, MN
(Media Buying)
Burger King Holdings Inc.
(Digital Media, TV)
Capital One Financial Corporation
CarMax, Inc.
(Media Buying, Media Planning)
Chobani (Media Agency of Record)
(Strategic Planning)
City Harvest
Clearwire Corporation
Crown Imports
Dean Foods (Media Agency of Record)
(Mayfield Ice Cream, Media Buying)
Dignity Health
Dish Network Corporation
(Media Planning & Buying)
(Disney Channel)
Geico (Media Agency of Record)
Golden Corral Corporation
(Media Buying, Media Planning)
Green Dot Corporation (2010)
Helzberg Diamonds
(Media Planning & Buying)
J. Crew
La Quinta Inns & Suites
LG Electronics (Communications Planning & Paid Media Agency of Record)
(Home Appliances, Home Entertainment, Mobile Phones)
Lindt USA (Media Agency of Record)
Little Caesars
Mike's Hard Lemonade
NBC Universo
Partnership for Drug Free Kids
Qdoba Mexican Grill
Readly (Agency of Record)
(Activation, Communications Planning, Digital Creative, Social Outreach)
Ruby Tuesday Restaurant
(Media Planning & Buying)
Safelite AutoGlass ( US Media Agency of Record)
(Media Planning & Activation, Online & Offline Media, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization)
Scripps Networks
Select Comfort
(Sleep Number)
SharkNinja Operating LLC
(Media Planning & Buying)
Snyder's-Lance, Inc
Cape Cod (Media Agency of Record)
(Communications Planning, Diamond Foods, Lance (Media Agency of Record), Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps (Media Agency of Record), Snyder's of Hanover (Media Agency of Record))
(Campaign: "Truth in Vodka", Media)
Sperry (Media Agency of Record)
Sprint Corporation (Media Agency of Record)
Stanley Steemer, Dublin, OH
(Media Planning & Buying)
Stoli Group USA (Agency of Record)
(Consumer Awareness, Media, Stolichnaya Vodka)
The Stride Rite Corporation (Media Agency of Record)
(Media Planning & Activation, Sperry)
Telemundo Network
Tim Horton's (US Agency of Record)
(Media Planning & Activation)
Turner Broadcasting
(CNN, Cartoon Network, Media Buying, Media Planning, TBS, TNT, Turner Sports)
United Continental Holdings
(Creative, Digital, Media)
UnitedHealth Group Incorporated (2018)
(Media Planning & Buying)
US Tennis Association (Digital Agency of Record)
Vonage Holdings Corp.
(Media Planning & Buying)
VTech Electronics (Media Agency of Record)
(Communications, Media Buying, Media Planning)
Weight Watchers International, Inc.
Wildlife Conservation Society
("96 Elephants", Digital Signage, Media Activation, Media Planning)


Business Publications
Cable T.V.
Consumer Publications
African-American Market
Asian Market
Bilingual Market
Consumer Marketing
Advertising Specialties
Brand Development & Integration
Corporate Communications
Health Care Services


Horizon Media, Inc.CurrentNew York, NY1,001 - 5,000
Canvas WorldwideChildNew York, NY101 - 500
Horizon Media, Inc.ChildLos Angeles, CA51 - 100


Profile: www.facebook.com/horizonmediainc

Page Likes: 3,302

Talking About: 62

Check-Ins: 3,392

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May 26, 2018

Charlotte Cochrane EVP & Managing Partner, Digital

NewFronts West Confirmed for October 9 & 10, 2018 in LA

By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Marketing Weekly News -- The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced that the first-ever Digital Content NewFronts West will be held on October 9 and 10, 2018, bringing together 16 innovative digital...

May 23, 2018

David Campanelli Co-Chief Investment Officer

TV Advertisers Skeptical of Reboot Craze and Reduced Ad Loads

Roseanne may be a runaway hit, but Madison Avenue ad buyers still are skeptical of the reboot craze that's gripping broadcast television. So say the collection surveyed by THR following a frenzied upfront week full of pitches and spin. As one puts...

May 22, 2018

05/22/18: Netflix nabs former First Couple

CONTINUES TO HOLD ITS POSITION AS THE NUMBER ONE NAME IN NEWS! Fox News was the #2 Adult 25-54 cable network in Total Day (CNN #8 & MSNBC #7) and #4 in Prime (MSNBC #6 & CNN #13). Fox News owns 6 of the top 10 programs in cable news overall...

May 18, 2018

Eileen Benwitt Chief Talent Officer & EVP
Eva Kantrowitz Chief Strategy Officer, Brand Development & EVP

Adweek Celebrates the Media All-Stars That Are Transforming the Industry

After another long TV upfront, Adweek brought together some of the best and brightest media buyers and planners last night for our annual Media All-Stars event. Adweek editorial director James Cooper hosted the cocktail party held Thursday evening...

May 15, 2018

Jill Nickerson SVP & Director, OOH

What’s ahead for the four top US #OOH ad operators #DOOH #digitalbillboards (Billboard Insider)

Last week, Kevin Gleason, Sean Reilly, Scott Wells and Jeremy Male appeared at a GO2018 CEO Town Hall last week. The panel was moderated by Horizon Media CEO Jill Nickerson. Here is a summary of each CEO’s comments. Jeremy Male, CEO, Outfront:...

May 12, 2018

Your Guide to Full Time Jobs in New York City this Spring

What they do: Agency Within is a full-service digital marketing agency. Their clients range from retail to travel to financial services and they pride themselves on operating like an in-house team. Their direct response focus means that our...

May 08, 2018

05/08/18: Snapchat’s Phone Swap gets a call from Fox TV Stations

It’s about more than just top dramas like CSI, LAW & ORDER: SVU, and the popular original series, PRIVATE EYES. Good morning. It’s and this is your first early morning briefing. : Chrisley Knows Best at 10p Mysteries of the Abandoned...

May 07, 2018

NewFronts West Dates Confirmed for October 9 & 10, 2018 in Los Angeles

NEW YORK, NY (May 7, 2018) —The Interactive Advertising Bureau ( IAB ) today announced that the first-ever Digital Content NewFronts West will be held on October 9 and 10, 2018, bringing together 16 innovative digital video programming...

May 06, 2018

David Campanelli Co-Chief Investment Officer

TV networks to cut back on commercials

By Stephen Battaglio The Los Angeles Times The emergence of Netflix and other streaming services that offer subscribers a commercial-free TV viewing experience means a generation could grow up without ever knowing the meaning of the phrase:...

May 05, 2018

David Campanelli Co-Chief Investment Officer

As technology made it simpler to buy ads, the prospect of controversy forces advertisers to be cautious

May 05--All it took was a tweet. In a recent Twitter post, Fox News host Laura Ingraham mocked Parkland high school shooting survivor David Hogg and within a few days dozens of advertisers, including prominent Twin Cities companies, dropped their...

May 03, 2018

David Campanelli Co-Chief Investment Officer

Data Plus Math Launches Cross-Screen Attribution

TV attribution measurement company Data Plus Math said it launched TV Pixel a tool kit that links website click and purchase consumer behavior with cross-screen advertising campaigns. TV Pixel, comparable to a tool used by Facebook to measure the...

May 02, 2018

Rick Watrall Chief Analytics Officer

Agencies: Google’s Limitation Of DoubleClick ID Will Raise Garden Walls Even Higher

Google’s decision last Friday to limit portability of the DoubleClick ID outside of Google’s ecosystem was done in the name of consumer privacy. But the change will also stunt advertisers’ ability to do cross-platform reach and...

May 01, 2018

Bill Koenigsberg Founder, President & CEO

B&C Unveils Hall Of Fame Class Of 2018

A dozen honorees, including one stalwart news show, to be feted Oct. 29 in New York They are innovators and image-makers, trailblazers and groundbreakers, forerunners and trendsetters — in short, the leaders of our industry, then and now. And...

April 27, 2018

Bill Koenigsberg Founder, President & CEO
Stan Fields Chief Client Officer & EVP
Stephen Hall Chief Marketing Officer

Horizon Media Awarded TriHonda Dealer Advertising Association Business

NEW YORK, April 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Horizon Media, a global leader in data and marketing insights, announced today that it had been awarded Agency of Record (AOR) media duties for TriHonda, the Honda dealership advertising association...

April 25, 2018

Bringing Warriors Mojo To Make Marlins Business Magic…

The following originally ran on Portada The acquisition of impact the new-look Miami Marlins (@Marlins) might not only be coming through the trades of All-Stars like Marcell Osuna and Giancarlo Stanton, it may be coming through of all places, the...

April 23, 2018

STRIKEFORCE Communications: 2018

With its 10th anniversary hovering on the horizon, executives at STRIKEFORCE say the agency “continued its march toward a decade of dominance – launching and supporting four of the top 20 largest, most recognized, and most awarded...

April 19, 2018

Media Buyer + Planner: NBCU Joins OpenAP; Wavemaker Wins

Media Buyer & Planner Today April 19, 2018 Top Stories #1 NBCU Joins OpenAP Comcast Corp.'s NBCUniversal is joining the Fox, Turner and Viacom ad consortium OpenAP, whose goal it is to standardize and simplify advanced advertising in premium...

April 18, 2018

Telecom Giant Altice Consolidates U.S. Marketing Business With WPP’s Wavemaker and Y&R

| 5 mins ago The U.S. division of international telecom conglomerate Altice has chosen WPP’s Wavemaker and Y&R as its media and creative agencies of record, according to several sources with direct knowledge of the matter. The win came...

April 17, 2018

David Campanelli Co-Chief Investment Officer

TV needs fewer commercials, but the math is going to be hard

The ad industry generally accepts that reducing TV's commercial clutter would be valuable for marketers. But just how valuable it would be will one of the flashpoints at this year's upfronts, where networks will offer the bulk of their commercial...

April 16, 2018

David Campanelli Co-Chief Investment Officer

Led by Viacom, Networks Try Their Hand at Festivals to Lure Fans and Brands

Viacom has largely backed away from throwing mammoth upfront events, but during the rest of the year, the company has embraced them like never before for flagship networks BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr. and Paramount Network....

April 15, 2018

Bill Koenigsberg Founder, President & CEO

Horizon’s Koenigsberg Surveys The Battle For Talent & the Future Of Digital Giants

MIAMI-Since Bill Koenigsberg founded Horizon Media nearly 30 years ago, he has opted for integrated services and independence over holding companies and their assorted offerings. And while he sees his media agency as a speedboat amid aircraft...

April 11, 2018

Bill Koenigsberg Founder, President & CEO

4A's Accelerate: Industry talks #WhatIf, harassment and 'Frenemies'

This year's 4A's "Accelerate" conference brought together hundreds of agency leaders for three days of networking and talks. Facebook, trust, diversity and the ad industry's role in taking a stand on gun violence dominated conversations...

April 10, 2018

Sarah Baehr Managing Partner, Digital Investment & EVP

eBay Woos Brands at April Advertising Meetup

eBay is trying hard to attract brands to its marketplace, encouraging them not only to sell on its marketplace, but to advertise there as well. eBay Advertising is hosting a panel on April 12 in New York catering to brands at its offices in New York...

April 07, 2018

4A’s Advertising Assurance Forum 2018 [REPORT]

On Monday, March 19, 2018, nearly 100 senior level executives from across the industry gathered at the 4A’s Advertising Assurance Forum held at Horizon Media’s offices in New York City. John Sheehy, Global President of Starcom and Marla...

April 06, 2018

Adam Heimlich SVP, Programmatic & Head, HX

YouTube To Suspend Third-Party Ad Serving In The EU

YouTube will no longer support third-party ad serving on reserved buys in Europe beginning May 21, and it will assess whether to extend that policy globally, according to a memo obtained by AdExchanger. Google advised advertisers who aren’t...

April 05, 2018

Stop Talking and Start Doing Something

Panel: Catharine Hays (‎The Wharton School); Natasha Hritzuk, Ph.D. (‎Turner Ignite); Sheri Roder (Horizon Media); Audrey Steele (FOX Network Sales); Howard Shimmel (Turner Broadcasting System) The biggest obstacle to achieving this vision...

April 04, 2018

Eric Warburton VP, Advertising Operations

Agencies are hopping on the blockchain bandwagon

In March, Horizon Media hosted a blockchain summit and brought together platforms to discuss how they are working with the technology. The conference was meant to educate the agency about blockchain as much as enthuse its publisher clients. Horizon...

April 02, 2018

Sam Rose VP & Director, National TV & Horizon Advanced

Advanced TV Webinar Recap

Click to watch the webinar. Recently, as part of 4C’s Advanced TV Week , I hosted the 4C webinar, Are You Ready for Advanced TV?, with Forrester Research’s Jim Nail and Horizon Media’s Sam Rose. 4C Advanced TV Week was a series of...

April 01, 2018

David Campanelli Co-Chief Investment Officer

Networks to cut back on commercials

The emergence of Netflix and other streaming services that offer subscribers a commercial-free TV viewing experience means a generation could grow up without ever knowing the meaning of the phrase: “we’ll be right back after a word from...

March 31, 2018

TV networks to cut back on commercials

Sign up for one of our email newsletters. The emergence of Netflix and other streaming services that offer subscribers a commercial-free TV viewing experience means a generation could grow up without ever knowing the meaning of the phrase:...

March 30, 2018

How Facebook's shutdown of third-party data affects advertisers

Agencies and marketers are scrambling to make sense of the latest Facebook move to drop third-party data. "It's been a busy 12 hours," said Donnie Williams, chief digital officer at Horizon Media, which has had been fielding clients'...

March 27, 2018

David Campanelli Co-Chief Investment Officer

TV networks shed ad time as consumers skip commercials

March 27--The emergence of Netflix and other streaming services that offer subscribers a commercial-free TV viewing experience means a generation could grow up without ever knowing the meaning of the phrase: "We'll be right back after a word...

March 26, 2018

Sam Rose VP & Director, National TV & Horizon Advanced

4C Debuts Advanced TV Week to Educate Advertisers About Audience-Based Planning and Buying Ahead of Television Upfronts

CHICAGO, March 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 4C Insights (4C), a data science and marketing technology company, today announced the inaugural 4C Advanced TV Week, a series of events, content, and education designed to help advertisers understand how...

March 23, 2018

RAIN Podcast Business Summit defeats nor’easter for hundreds of attendees

One day after a blizzarding storm dumped feet of snow on the northeast, the RAIN Podcast Business Summit took place at New World Stages in Manhattan, where over 22 speakers and 320 attendees gathered to chart the show’s theme: “The Path...

March 22, 2018

TAG Announces 2018 Seal Recertification for Anti-Fraud, Anti-Piracy, Anti-Malware, Transparency Programs

WASHINGTON, March 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), an advertising industry initiative to fight criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain, today announced the companies receiving 2018 seal...

March 19, 2018

Adam Heimlich SVP, Programmatic & Head, HX

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal Won't Stop Advertisers From Spending On Facebook

Facebook is running out of eyes to blacken in the wake of revelations over the weekend that Trump-affiliated data firm Cambridge Analytica harvested information from 50 million Facebook accounts without permission. But as long as ads continue to...

March 16, 2018

My millennial perspective on defining millennials

For an age group that’s constantly redefining itself, Pew Research has put in its (highly regarded) two-cents on what exactly ‘defines’ a millennial. Earlier this month, the research firm stated that those born between 1981 to 1996...

March 14, 2018

Kirk Olson SVP, Entertainment & Trendsights

Report: How Film Marketers Should Navigate Rotten Tomatoes

While just over 20% of moviegoers 13 to 49 say the Rotten Tomatoes (RT) score is among the most influential factors in their decision to see a movie, the vast majority of ticket buyers (75%) say that the online review site has some influence on...

March 09, 2018

David Campanelli Co-Chief Investment Officer

ABC's 'American Idol' Producers Defend High Costs, Ryan Seacrest

The swan song for American Idol was supposed to be two years ago. That's when more than 13 million viewers watched host Ryan Seacrest sign off from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood for the final time. But as many suspected, Seacrest's cryptic...

March 06, 2018

Bill Koenigsberg Founder, President & CEO

Horizon Media and Tempo Partner to Launch and Scale Mobile App-based Monetization for Influencers and Brands

NEW YORK, March 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Horizon Media, a global leader in data, media and marketing insights, announced today that it has partnered with Tempo, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, to grow the number influencers and brands...

March 02, 2018

Charlotte Cochrane EVP & Managing Partner, Digital

Horizon Promotes 3 Women to Executive Vice President Amid Industry Call for More Female Leadership

Horizon Media announced today it has promoted three of its female leaders to executive vice president, as the rising #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have the industry calling for better representation of women in leadership roles. Charlotte Cochrane,...

March 01, 2018

Rachel Freiberg VP & Director, Channel Insights

Placed Opens Its Location Insights Tool To The Masses

Placed, the Snap-owned location data company, is giving away its analytics tool for free. Starting Thursday, brands and media planners can use a public version of its insights service to view foot traffic trends for around 2,000 businesses in the...

February 28, 2018

David Campanelli Co-Chief Investment Officer
Sarah Baehr Managing Partner, Digital Investment & EVP

Horizon Media Nabs UnitedHealth Group's Media Account in the U.S.

UnitedHealth Group has selected independent agency Horizon Media to take over its sizeable U.S. media account, which had been handled at least in part by Minneapolis-based Periscope. Periscope referred inquiries to the client. "We are grateful...

February 27, 2018

Anthony Salerno VP & Associate Managing Director

02/27/18: Comedy Central renews Corporate for season 2

Good morning. It’s and this is your first early morning briefing. The Big Interview with Dan Rather at 9p Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. at 10p Three members of the original FYI team join Candice Bergen for CBS’s...

February 25, 2018

David Campanelli Co-Chief Investment Officer

Can Edgy FX Thrive at Family-Friendly Disney?

As much as FX Networks and FX Productions CEO John Landgraf welcomes the return of American Crime Story and Atlanta to FX this winter, he still wishes the network could have had them back on the air last year, where their absence on year-end top 10...

February 23, 2018

MBMG Taps Andrews For Strategy Role

Hailey Andrews has joined MBMG as Communications Director managing a variety of accounts including the recently won consolidated media assignment for the California Milk Processor Board. Andrews held marketing positions in both the entertainment and...

February 22, 2018

Bill Koenigsberg Founder, President & CEO

IMDb Launches Its First-Ever Skill for Amazon Alexa

IMDb (www.imdb.com), the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content, today announced that it has launched its first voice controlled service with a new Flash Briefing skill for Amazon Alexa. Upon verbal...

February 16, 2018

Stephen Hall Chief Marketing Officer

Editor’s Corner: The NFL’s TV ratings woes aren’t about anthem protests, they’re about a fumbled soul

NFL Films Has the league that brought us The Snake, Mean Joe Greene, Hollywood Henderson, Neon Dion, The Refrigerator and the Punky QB Known as McMahon lost its soul? That’s the conclusion of advertising agency Horizon Media, which began...

February 13, 2018

Adam Schwartz Director, Sports Media, National Broadcast

NBC exceeding expectations 5 days into Olympics

NEW YORK (AP) — While gold medals aren't awarded a quarter of the way into a race, NBC says it is encouraged by how the viewing public has responded to the Winter Olympics from South Korea. NBC Sports Chairman Mark Lazarus said Tuesday that...

February 09, 2018

David Campanelli Co-Chief Investment Officer
Sarah Baehr Managing Partner, Digital Investment & EVP

Agency Brief: Hyatt, Heat and Hair Loss

Happy Friday! Believe it or not, Super Bowl has come and gone, with Tide and Amazon getting big kudos for their commercials during the big game. E-Trade with DJ Nana and the NFL with its "Dirty Dancing" parody got quite a few laughs,...


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