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Leo Burnett Worldwide, Inc.

Full Service Agency

This profile last updated 09/29/2015.  We aim for 100% accurate and complete information - please contact us if you see any discrepancies or need more info.


Leo Burnett Worldwide, Inc. REDBOOKS Profile

Leo Burnett operates a global network that includes a variety of specialty marketing services and full-service advertising agencies. The agency holds people at the center of its strategic thinking, technological innovation and creative ideas, focusing first and foremost on human behavior before attempting to tell a brand's story. With their expertise in mass advertising and digital, promotional and retail marketing, the agency helps build many of the world's most valuable brands and successful marketers.

Address: 35 W Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601-1723
Tel: (312) 220-5959
Fax: (312) 220-3299
General Email:









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Tel: (312) 220-5959

Tom Bernardin Chairman & CEO
Susan Credle Chief Creative Officer
Giles Hedger Chief Strategy Officer
Mick Mccabe Chief Strategy Officer, USA
Renetta McCann Chief Talent Officer
Carla Michelotti Chief Legal Officer, Global
Mark Tutssel Chief Creative Officer, Global
Nina Abnee Chief Client Officer
Bill Hickman Chief Growth Officer
Mark Renshaw Chief Innovation Officer
Catherine Guthrie Pres-Multi-Natl Accts
Rich Stoddart CEO, North America
Jeanie Caggiano EVP & Executive Director, Creative
Vincent Geraghty EVP & Executive Director, Production
Dave Loew EVP & Executive Director, Creative
Mylene Pollock EVP & Executive Director, Creative
Charley Wickman EVP & Executive Director, Creative
Skip Drayton EVP & Group Director, Integrated Marketing
Steve Bonnell EVP & Account Director, Global
David Brot EVP & Account Director
Mark Burgess EVP & Account Director
Trent Buterbaugh EVP & Account Director
Catherine Davis EVP & Account Director
Karla Flannery EVP & Account Director
Leslie Meredith EVP & Account Director
Richard Roche EVP & Account Director
Louis Slotkin EVP & Account Director
Rachel Winer EVP & Account Director
Denise Fedewa EVP & Director, Strategy
Kat Gates EVP & Director, Global Creative
Marty Harper EVP & Director, Strategic Planning
Brian Shembeda EVP & Director, Creative
Susan Treacy EVP & Director, Creative
Angela Whitby EVP & Director, Strategy
Richard Bennington EVP, Finance & Operations
Ron Nelken Executive Vice President
Cliff Schwandner Executive Vice President
Josh Crick Sr VP & Mng Dir-Digital Integration
Mike Shanahan SVP & Executive Director, Production Operations
Larry Zuger SVP & Executive Director, Creative
Denis Giroux SVP & Executive Producer
Varsha Kaura SVP & Account Director
Jean-Marc Kuentzmann SVP & Account Director
Susan Lulich SVP & Account Director
Sarah Paulsen SVP & Account Director
Josh Raper SVP & Account Director
Gordy Sang SVP & Creative Director
Brian Siedband SVP & Creative Director
Susan Stefaniak SVP & Account Director
Peter Albrycht SVP & Director, Digital Development & Integration
Sarah Block SVP & Director, Creative
Lilia Arroyo Flores SVP & Director, Planning
Tony Katalinic SVP & Director, Creative
Eric King SVP & Director, Creative
Kevin Lilly SVP & Director, Participation Strategy
Heather Paris SVP & Director, Strategy
Eric Routenberg SVP & Director, Creative
Colin Selikow SVP & Director, Creative
Mike Siska SVP & Director, Strategic Planning
Delayne Turner Sr VP & Dir-Talent
Christopher Warmanen SVP & Director, Creative
Steve Yuan SVP & Director, Global Planning, Samsung Global Brand Management
Carey Isom SVP, Strategic Partnerships & Platforms
Veronica Puc SVP & Group Executive Producer
Kevin Zier VP, Head, Creative Integration, Director, Creative & Copywriter
Matt Blitz VP & Executive Producer
Rebecca Clarkson VP & Account Director
A.J. Hassan VP & Creative Director
Mike Ward VP, Director, Creative & Writer
Sue Broverman VP & Director, Planning
Doug Buffo VP & Dir-Info Svcs
Amanda Butts VP & Director, Creative
Tony Cregler VP & Director, Brand Strategy
Mike Doyle VP & Director, Creative
Tina Janczura VP & Director, External Communications
Howard Laubscher VP & Director, Participation Strategy
Mikal Pittman VP, Creative & Director
Molly Stewart VP & Director, Talent Management
Ray Swift VP & Director, Production Consulting
Chris von Ende VP & Director, Art & Creative
Peggy Walter VP & Director, Celebrity Services
Drew Wehrle VP & Director, Publicity & Content
Nicole Wright VP & Director, Talent
Jill Fix VP & Associate Director, Creative
Michelle Kristula-Green Head-People & Culture-Global
Paul Earle Executive Director
John Hansa Executive Creative Director
Dominick Maiolo Executive Director, Creative
Jon Wyville Executive Director, Creative
Bob Veasey Director, Art & Group Director, Creative
Glen Hilzinger Group Director, Creative & Copywriter
Doug Burnett Senior Director, Art
Niki Condon Senior Director, Art
Stephanie Summers Senior Director, Art
Harish Valsan Senior Director, Art
Tom Keramidas Executive Producer
Topher Cochrane Senior Producer
Tony Grossman Senior Producer, Integrated
Michael Petrucelly Senior Producer
Jennifer Cacioppo Account Director
Chris Cole Creative Director
Vincent Cook Creative Director
Katie George Account Director, Advertising
Bobby Gruenberg Producer
Daphne Jones Account Director
Jennifer Kasmarick Account Director
Megan Lally Account Director
Brian McCauley Creative Director
C J Nielsen Account Director
Katie Nikolaus Account Director
Ed Odyniec Creative Director
Ang Puglise Art Director
Jason Reno Account Director
Amber Stanze Account Director
Mark Wegwerth Creative Director
Keith Wisniewski Creative Director
Jesse Bowen Director, Art & Copywriter
Alex Sloves Director, Art & Designer, Growth Team
Rene Delgado Director, Art
Omar Elamin Director, Finance
Lisa Hill Director, Content Strategy
Natalia Kowaleczko Director, Design
AJ Livsey Director, Strategy
Britt Nolan Director, Creative
Alice O'Hara Director, Legal Operations & Corporate Affairs
Sheila Stanicek Director, Digital Communications
Michael Sutton Director, Art
Graham Woodall Director, Global Creative
Dave Derrick Associate Director, Creative
Pablo Jimenez Associate Director, Creative
Omari Miller Associate Director, Creative
Greg Nobles Associate Director, Creative
Linda Rosbury Associate Director, Client Services
Jennifer Skidgel Associate Director, Global Awards
Kate Sullivan Associate Director, Creative
Ryan Wolin Associate Director, Creative
Daniel Linke Account Manager
Sue Rickey Account Manager
Sara Anderson Manager, Talent
Mao Moua Manager, Creative Resource
Julie Dykstra Account Supervisor
Kaylea Hoelscher Account Supervisor
Jennifer Klopf Account Supervisor
Kelly Mesi Account Supervisor
Deepti Ramakrishnan Account Supervisor
Richard Roden Account Supervisor, Buick, GMC
Kristen Vandenberg Account Supervisor
Laura Zimmer Account Supervisor
Nickay Penado Supervisor, Marketing, Global
Joanna Hussey Senior Account Executive
Julie Baker Account Executive
Lauren Davidson Account Executive
Michele Hillman Account Executive
Bridget Kuehn Strategist
Kristen Schwanz Senior Copywriter
Eric Schwieger Senior Copywriter
Claudia Steer Strategist
Becca Wilson Account Executive
Jim Bernardin Copywriter
Dan Forbes Senior Designer
Jono Paull Copywriter
Alan Shen Copywriter
Mary C. Cheney Group Executive Producer
Elvena Dowd Senior Business Manager
Mallory Meznarsic Associate Project Manager, Content


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Allstate Insurance (1957)
("Project Aware Share", Campaign: "Blind Spot", Campaign: "Labor", Campaign: "Mayhem Wine Bottle", Campaign: "Mayhem: Apple Video", Campaign: "Out Holding Hands", Campaign: "Raccoon", Campaign: "Streaker", GPS, Holiday Decorator, Interactive, Motorcycle Insurance, Speech, Website)
(Altoids Sours, Campaign: "Mastering the Mother Tongue")
Altria Group, Inc.
Art Institute of Chicago
(Campaign: "ChicaGO Picasso")
Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC
(Campaign: "Drive a Firestone", Firestone, Firestone Complete Auto Care, Strategic & Creative Solutions)
Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire, LLC
Brooks Running (Global Agency of Record)
Chicago Ideas Week
(Campaign: "WhatIfChicago")
Coca-Cola Refreshments USA, Inc.
(Campaign: "Arctic Home", Campaign: "Shine", Campaign: "Snowball Effect", Campaign: "Stare Bear", Campaign: "There's Nothing Soft About It", Campaign: "Thumbprints", Creative)
(The Ice Box Derby)
Delta Faucet Company
(Campaign: "#EsuranceSave30" Super Bowl 2014, Campaign: "Beatrice", Lead Creative)
(Campaign: "Day Before Irene", Campaign: "Day Before Joplin")
Fifth Third Bancorp, Cincinnati, OH
(Campaign: "Challenge", Campaign: "New Shoes", Campaign: "Quiet", Campaign: "The Idea", Campaign: "The curious bank", Digital, Marketing Communications)
General Motors
(Advertising, Buick, GMC, Marketing)
Girl Scouts Of America
Greater Chicago Food Depository
(Campaign: "Pass The Plate")
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
(Campaign: "Motherbird", Campaign: "Put Your Heart to Paper", Campaign: "Tell Me Family", Campaign: "The Team")
Kellogg Company
(All-Bran, Campaign: "Defined by a Number", Campaign: "Fight Fat Talk", Campaign: "From Great Starts Come Great Things", Campaign: "L'Eggo My Eggo", Cereal, Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nut, Eggo (Creative Agency), FiberPlus, Frosted Flakes, Gone Nutty, Hispanic, Keebler, Online, Peanut Butter, Pop Tarts, Social Media, TV, Wake Up To Breakfast)
Kraft Foods Group, Inc.
(Campaign: "Faces", JELL-O, TV)
Labatt USA LLC (2002)
(Beck's, Leffe)
(Digital Creative, Traditional Creative)
Lead Agency
(Advertising, Ant Can't, Campaign: "APPLE", Campaign: "Arch Enemies", Campaign: "Dave", Campaign: "Fishin", Campaign: "Go Blackhawks", Campaign: "I'm lovin' it", Campaign: "NFL Rush Zone", Campaign: "Pay with Lovin", Campaign: "Signs", Chicken Burger, Coffee, Creative, Deana's Big Dreams, Digital, Doddi the Dodo Goes to Orlando, Fast Food, Fresh Salads, Happy Meal Choices, Marketing, Proud Papa, Sirloin Burger, Snack Size Menu, Super Bowl 2015, TV, The Goat Who Ate Everything)
Nestle Purina PetCare Company
Nintendo of America (1991)
(Campaign: "Legend of You", Campaign: "School's Out", Campaign: "Sleeping Problems", Creative, Digital, Nintendo DS, Nintendogs, Wii)
(Campaign: "Enjoy Your Privacy")
(Campaign: "Pantone Queen")
Peace One Day
(Campaign: "Recipeace", Olive Oil Can)
(Campaign: "Stay on Top of Your Game", Centrum)
Philip Morris
Procter & Gamble
(Always, Campaign: "#LikeAGirl", Campaign: "Gang Up For Good", Campaign: "Mean Stinks", Campaign: "Meanamorphosis", Campaign: "Stronger Together", Campaign: "Unstoppable", Mr. Clean, Super Bowl 2015)
Samsung Electronics
(Campaign: "Design Your Life", Galaxy Gear, Galaxy Note 3)
(Campaign: "Volunteer to promote volunteering", Seek Volunteer)
(Below-The-Line, Campaign: "Everything's Important", Campaign: "I Am Unlimited", Campaign: "Lost", Campaign: "Pajamas", Campaign: "Probably Not, But Maybe", Campaign: "Thinking About You", Campaign: "Totes McGotes", Campaign: "Unlimited Love Billboard", Creative, Retail)
(Campaign: "Stuff Theatre", Norton Internet Security)
United Nations
(Campaign: "The World Needs More", Campaign: "Under Five")
Western Digital
(Campaign: "External Hard Drives")
WhiteWave Foods
(Silk Soymilk)
(Knowledge is power)


Advertising Specialties
Brand Development & Integration


Publicis Groupe S.A.PARENTParis, France45,001
Leo Burnett Worldwide, Inc.CurrentChicago, IL6,844
AMA Leo BurnettChildCairo, Egypt
Access Leo BurnettChildNairobi, Kenya30
Amazon AdvertisingChildSan Francisco, CA30
Arc WorldwideChildChicago, IL1,100
Beacon Communications K.K.ChildTokyo, Japan350
Circus Communicacion IntegradaChildLima, Peru75
Flip Media FZ-LLCChildDubai, United Arab Emirates100
H&C, Leo BurnettChildBeirut, Lebanon85
Holler Digital Ltd.ChildLondon, United Kingdom39
Innovation Leo BurnettChildNicosia, Cyprus20
Kitchen Leo BurnettChildOslo, Norway49
Kontuur-Leo BurnettChildTallinn, Estonia65
LapizChildChicago, IL40
Leo BurnettChildParis, France151
Leo BurnettChildKuwait, Kuwait8
Leo BurnettChildSingapore, Singapore93
Leo BurnettChildTaipei, Taiwan150
Leo BurnettChildBangkok, Thailand120
Leo Burnett & Target SAChildBucharest, Romania100
Leo Burnett - Los AngelesChildLos Angeles, CA5
Leo Burnett AnnonsbyraChildStockholm, Sweden20
Leo Burnett AssociatesChildDublin, Ireland25
Leo Burnett BelgiumChildBrussels, Belgium32
Leo Burnett BusinessChildNew York, NY50
Leo Burnett CasablancaChildCasablanca, Morocco20
Leo Burnett Co. S.r.l.ChildTurin, Italy15
Leo Burnett Co., S.r.l.ChildMilan, Italy192
Leo Burnett Colombia, S.A.ChildBogota, Colombia150
Leo Burnett Company Ltd.ChildToronto, Canada100
Leo Burnett Detroit, Inc.ChildTroy, MI
Leo Burnett Inc., Sucursal ArgentinaChildBuenos Aires, Argentina87
Leo Burnett IndiaChildMumbai, India250
Leo Burnett IndiaChildNew Delhi, India50
Leo Burnett JordanChildAmman, Jordan8
Leo Burnett KievChildKiev, Ukraine50
Leo Burnett KoreaChildSeoul, Korea (South)120
Leo Burnett Kreasindo IndonesiaChildJakarta, Indonesia113
Leo Burnett MalaysiaChildKuala Lumpur, Malaysia143
Leo Burnett ManilaChildMakati, Philippines86
Leo Burnett MelbourneChildMelbourne, Australia42
Leo Burnett Mexico S.A. de C.V.ChildMexico, Mexico150
Leo Burnett MoscowChildMoscow, Russia200
Leo Burnett Publicidade, Ltda.ChildLisbon, Portugal57
Leo Burnett RomeChildRome, Italy50
Leo Burnett Shanghai Advertising Co., Ltd.ChildShanghai, China
Leo Burnett Solutions Inc.ChildColombo, Sri Lanka80
Leo Burnett SydneyChildSydney, Australia160
Leo Burnett Tailor MadeChildNew York, NY40
Leo Burnett Tailor MadeChildSao Paulo, Brazil160
Leo Burnett USAChildChicago, IL1,000
Leo Burnett VilniusChildVilnius, Lithuania6
Leo Burnett Warsaw SP.Z.O.O.ChildWarsaw, Poland120
Leo Burnett, Ltd.ChildLondon, United Kingdom482
Leo Burnett-BeijingChildBeijing, China
Leo Burnett-GuangzhouChildGuangzhou, China60
Leo Burnett-Hong KongChildQuarry Bay, China (Hong Kong)180
Markom/Leo BurnettChildIstanbul, Turkey65
Mass Publicidad S.R.L.ChildAsuncion, Paraguay34
Orchard AdvertisingChildBengaluru, India50
Radius Leo BurnettChildDubai, United Arab Emirates225
Rosabel Advertising Ltd.ChildLagos, Nigeria61
Spillmann/Felser/Leo BurnettChildZurich, Switzerland70
Targets/Leo BurnettChildRiyadh, Saudi Arabia45
Votan Leo BurnettChildLjubljana, Slovenia14
Wiktor/Leo Burnett, s.r.o.ChildBratislava, Slovakia50
Arc South AfricaSiblingCape Town, South Africa50
Bartle Bogle Hegarty LimitedSiblingLondon, United Kingdom900
Beacon Communications K.K.SiblingTokyo, Japan350
Big Fuel Communications LLCSiblingNew York, NY170
BOZ ParisSiblingParis, France30
BurrellSiblingChicago, IL133
Carmi & Ubertis Design S.R.L.SiblingCasale Monferrato, Italy21
Carre NoirSiblingSuresnes, France150
Carre Noir BarcelonaSiblingBarcelona, Spain6
Carre Noir TokyoSiblingTokyo, Japan
Carre Noir TurinoSiblingTurin, Italy20
Chemistry Communications Group, PlcSiblingLondon, United Kingdom160
Compasso MundocomSiblingAmstelveen, Netherlands45
DigitasLBiSiblingBoston, MA3,000
Discovery USASiblingChicago, IL65
DPZ-Duailibi, Petit, Zaragoza, Propaganda S.A.SiblingSao Paulo, Brazil230
Duval GuillaumeSiblingAntwerp, Belgium200
Fallon WorldwideSiblingMinneapolis, MN150
Freud CommunicationsSiblingLondon, United Kingdom300
Geller Nessis PublicisSiblingRamat Gan, Israel17
Kekst & Co.SiblingNew York, NY75
King HarvestsSiblingShanghai, China100
Luminous Experiential MSLGROUPSiblingCauseway Bay, China (Hong Kong)40
MarketGate ConsultingSiblingMumbai, India7
Marketway Ltd.SiblingNicosia, Cyprus42
Media VestSiblingNew York, NY900
Medicus Life BrandsSiblingNew York, NY598
Mikado S.A.SiblingLuxembourg, Luxembourg15
M.I.T.A.SiblingSarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina20
MMS Marketinske Komunikacije, D.O.O.SiblingLjubljana, Slovenia42
Moroch PartnersSiblingDallas, TX250
MRYSiblingNew York, NY500
MSL Group IndiaSiblingMumbai, India150
MSLGROUPSiblingNew York, NY1,300
Nurun Inc.SiblingMontreal, Canada100
Olabuenaga ChemistriSiblingMexico, Mexico100
Optimedia International US Inc.SiblingNew York, NY200
Ove Design & Communications Ltd.SiblingToronto, Canada25
PBJS, Inc.SiblingSeattle, WA26
PerformicsSiblingChicago, IL140
PhonevalleySiblingParis, France60
PokeSiblingLondon, United Kingdom60
Protishabda CommunicationsSiblingDhaka, Bangladesh25
PublicisSiblingVienna, Austria80
PublicisSiblingRome, Italy40
PublicisSiblingPrague, Czech Republic60
PublicisSiblingBucharest, Romania50
PublicisSiblingAmstelveen, Netherlands65
PublicisSiblingBrussels, Belgium47
PublicisSiblingZurich, Switzerland110
PublicisSiblingMadrid, Spain123
Publicis 67SiblingCaracas, Venezuela100
Publicis Activ AnnecySiblingMetz-Tessy, France9
Publicis Activ StrasbourgSiblingStrasbourg, France25
Publicis Ambience MumbaiSiblingMumbai, India
Publicis Arredondo de HaroSiblingMexico, Mexico
Publicis Asia/Pacific Pte. Ltd.SiblingSingapore, Singapore100
Publicis AustraliaSiblingMelbourne, Australia60
Publicis AustraliaSiblingBrisbane, Australia75
Publicis AustraliaSiblingSydney, Australia300
Publicis BeehiveSiblingMumbai, India130
Publicis (Beijing)SiblingBeijing, China104
Publicis BlueprintSiblingLondon, United Kingdom120
Publicis Brand/DesignSiblingToronto, Canada
Publicis Brasil CommunicaoSiblingRio de Janeiro, Brazil55
Publicis CaribbeanSiblingPort of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago26
Publicis-CBSiblingBogota, Colombia97
Publicis Chile SASiblingSantiago, Chile90
Publicis ConseilSiblingParis, France100
Publicis DialogSiblingParis, France150
Publicis DialogSiblingLos Angeles, CA10
Publicis DialogSiblingToronto, Canada300
Publicis DialogSiblingAmstelveen, Netherlands50
Publicis Dialog & Interactive-MontrealSiblingMontreal, Canada100
Publicis Dialog ZurichSiblingZurich, Switzerland
Publicis d.o.o.SiblingZagreb, Croatia40
Publicis Et NousSiblingParis, France35
Publicis Fergo, S.A.SiblingPanama, Panama51
Publicis GraffitiSiblingBuenos Aires, Argentina50
Publicis GraphicsSiblingAmman, Jordan
Publicis-GraphicsSiblingDubai, United Arab Emirates100
Publicis-GraphicsSiblingJeddah, Saudi Arabia
Publicis-GraphicsSiblingDoha, Qatar20
Publicis-GraphicsSiblingRiyadh, Saudi Arabia40
Publicis-GraphicsSiblingManama, Bahrain
Publicis-GraphicsSiblingCairo, Egypt
Publicis GuangzhouSiblingGuangzhou, China30
Publicis Healthcare Communications GroupSiblingNew York, NY25
Publicis HellasSiblingAthens, Greece50
Publicis Hong KongSiblingHong Kong, China (Hong Kong)98
Publicis ImpetuSiblingMontevideo, Uruguay30
Publicis India Communications Pvt. Ltd.SiblingMumbai, India160
Publicis India Communications Pvt. Ltd.SiblingGurgaon, India75
Publicis IndonesiaSiblingJakarta, Indonesia90
Publicis iStratSiblingNew Delhi, India50
Publicis JimenezBasicSiblingMakati, Philippines
Publicis Johannesburg Pty. Ltd.SiblingSandton, South Africa60
Publicis (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.SiblingPetaling Jaya, Malaysia80
Publicis ManilaSiblingMakati, Philippines105
Publicis MarcSiblingSofia, Bulgaria
Publicis MontrealSiblingMontreal, Canada115
Publicis NetWorksSiblingToronto, Canada300
Publicis NetworksSiblingMilan, Italy100
Publicis New YorkSiblingNew York, NY
Publicis PixelparkSiblingMunich, Germany
Publicis Publicidade Lda.SiblingLisbon, Portugal20
Publicis ShanghaiSiblingShanghai, China120
Publicis SingaporeSiblingSingapore, Singapore100
Publicis SoleilSiblingMarseilles, France45
Publicis Sp. z.o.o.SiblingWarsaw, Poland100
Publicis S.R.L.SiblingMilan, Italy115
Publicis (Thailand) Ltd.SiblingBangkok, Thailand70
Publicis TorontoSiblingToronto, Canada300
Publicis UKSiblingLondon, United Kingdom500
Publicis USASiblingNew York, NY950
Publicis.NetSiblingParis, France60
Razorfish New YorkSiblingNew York, NY401
ReputationSiblingCopenhagen, Denmark36
ResultrixSiblingBellevue, WA
RineySiblingSan Francisco, CA253
RokkanSiblingNew York, NY100
RosettaSiblingHamilton, NJ1,100
Saatchi & SaatchiSiblingNew York, NY6,709
Sapient CorporationSiblingBoston, MA13,000
Starcom MediaVest GroupSiblingChicago, IL900
Turner Duckworth DesignSiblingLondon, United Kingdom20
VivaKiSiblingChicago, IL
Winner & AssociatesSiblingLos Angeles, CA25
ZenithOptimediaSiblingLondon, United Kingdom3,900


Profile: @LeoBurnett

Followers: 77,531

Following: 1,005

Tweets: 4,015

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Page Likes: 67,046

Talking About: 564

Check-Ins: 2,263

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AAF Cincinnati’s 2015 D² Digital Dialogue, Oc... Sep 30, 2015

(PRWeb) - The entire two-day schedule for 2015’s Digital Dialogue in Cincinnati is now publicly available with a wide range of customer-focused digital marketing sessions available to inform and inspire marketers from every industry. Here’s what to...

People list 10.01.15 Sep 30, 2015

Josh Crick becomes managing director of digital at Leo Burnett Ivan Anisimov becomes head of Kinetic Active Russia Craig Barry rises to chief content officer at Turner Sports Matt Hanna rises to EVP of programming at Esquire Network Paul Donovan...

GMC Certified Service: Only for GMC Oct 04, 2015

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Detroit, USA Chief Creative Officer: Steve Chavez Executive Creative Directors: Bob Veasey, Glen Hilzinger Art Director: Aaron Peacock Copywriter: Joe Mariucci Director of Integrated Production: Brian Dooley...

REVOLVING DOOR: Josh Crick Joins Leo Burnett ... Oct 01, 2015

Leo Burnett Chicago named Josh Crick as senior vice president, managing director of digital integration, a new position at the agency. Crick will be responsible for driving the agency's growth through via digital capabilities, including the newly...

People 10.01.15 Sep 30, 2015

Fox has cast singer Carly Rae Jepsen as Pink Lady Frenchy in its “Grease: Live” telecast, which airs Jan. 31. She joins Julianne Hough, Aaron Tveit, Vanessa Hudgens, Carlos PenaVega and Keke Palmer in the cast. Former president Bill Clinton will...


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